Atemarskaya healer warns …

Atemarskaya healer warns about the machinations of Mordovia Warlocks

"Capital C", 29.05.2002, Saransk, n22, p.10

Herbalist woman took off her Shura damage from the journalist "C" and does not require a fee for their services

From time immemorial, gender Rogudyaevyh lekarskim had nothing. However, this talent is not passed on to every member of the family. Of all the generations of women Shura just descended on her this grace. During the day atemarskaya sorceress takes 10 people, knocking on the door of her house at night.
Pure clean up the kitchen … "Come in, sit down," — hospitable hostess greets us without asking for her name. Upon learning that the front of her correspondents, very surprised, "Yes, I say there is nothing to suddenly be put in jail …" About the prison during the conversation grandmother remembered a few times …
Up to 20 years Sasha did not know about his gift. One night, the girl took a fantastic story. After praying before going to bed, she lay in bed. Suddenly hut illuminated by bright light. Sasha opened her eyes in front of her stood a tall man, whose hair was sprinkled with gold. He stared at her. From the fear she lost consciousness and when awake, the vision was gone.
Since then, Sasha began to feel "tainted" people. "I'm going on the bus, standing next to a woman, and I was beginning to break all — hence, her evil eye or corruption," — says the woman Shura. According to her, the corruption — it's evil thoughts, hatred, cursing. From these thoughts of "well-wishers" people can get sick. Especially young women often suffer forced to live with an evil mother-in. How many of these accidents occurred to quack cure for infertility! "There are people who, because of hate funeral service in the church of the living human or put a candle for his repose. Then it starts to dry from the disease, and doctors shrug helplessly. But such a thing — a terrible sin."
Suddenly the wise woman interrupts his speech and began a leisurely long, prolonged yawn. "What is your name, my daughter? See how I break — it's spoiling for you, and your soul is often bad happens." From these words and continuous yawning creepy crawling on the skin.
According to Baba Shura, she treats only what is of God and from the evil done by people, "What hospital should be — I will not take. Cancer, for example, or an ulcer, drug addicts and alcoholics do not fly." But well helps those who are plagued by depression, suicidal thoughts, tooth pain, mastitis, hernia, boils, erysipelas, bleeding …
"One day I brought a 4-year-old boy, who could not move, talk, mouth drooling.'s Mother has already surpassed all the doctors and desperate to cure his son. Wept before me, I wanted to have a boy rather die. While I comforted her. Six times she brings him to me, and then disappeared. After a while coming, but the boy to me on my feet running: "Hello, Sacha Baba!"
Soldiers often lead to me: who is unconscious, who can not walk, who tried to deprive of life itself. Everyone helped. One was brought from Moscow — the boy was delirious, unconscious. Prayers chastised, in 4 hours, he came to himself. One man treated — like other people's wives to walk him and "made it." Brought to me — a fool, can not speak, saliva flow. Also helped. Chiefs to me often come from Saransk — longing for suffering but fears are different. "
According Rogudyaeva in Mordovia divorced many warlocks and witches who have great power and can ruin a person. Some give ads in the newspaper. Also a lot has gone "God's people" who are taking medication for a lot of money. "They are not of God, preying on human suffering — a great sin." She herself did not ask for his help — every patient who decides what to bestow it. The old woman grateful and 5 rubles, and old clothes. "One woman came to me from Chuvashia with a young son, who was having seizures. Sorceress in her country requested 400 rubles. Much money the woman was not. She went to me. I fed the guests, I'll fly boy, and a woman in tears "Baba Shura. I only have $ 100. 70 to the ticket. "I said to her:" The Lord is with you, I do not need anything. "
In parting, wise woman scolded us for prayer and gave the holy water that came down spoilage and bad evil eye. Hard to believe that the ordinary well water, charged with prayers, much more effective than antibiotics and medical knowledge. But if a woman Shura really helps miserable — so good forces do exist, and our life has meaning.
PS The author asks people to respond with extraordinary abilities and make a call to the office.

Doctors believe healers conductors demonic

"Medicine does not deny the spiritual principle in man — says psychotherapist Republican neuropsychiatric clinic Vladimir ophthalmic. — Before the revolution, the doctor always asked his patient if he has long been in the confessional. But all these sorcerers, healers and psychics do not have anything to do with spirituality . They do this demonism. All their attempts to heal always end badly. Consciously or unconsciously, the grandmother entered into a contract with the dark forces that they do not so much tormented by the patient. Initially there may come a visible improvement, but really just goes away pain, and the body continues to collapse or illness passes to another body. Otherwise "healed" the man and his family begin to pursue unhappiness. In my practice I have seen both. Anyway, the demonic forces will always find a way out and will need to "vote" for deceptive relief . "

Church condemns sorcery

As explained by the father of Silwan, doctors should perform the functions of traditional medicine. "Grandma's based on the fact that you need to treat not only the body but also the spirit. Here, we agree with them. But the so-called healers are doing good work for which they have not been empowered. During rituals grandmother come into contact with the dark forces. Receiving healing body, the suffering will soon get upset and get into the spirit of the psychiatric hospital. This is confirmed by the priests who practice the patients in the national mental hospital. According to them, the majority of the clinic's patients "treated" at the time in different znaharok and psychics. Christ once said you can not condemn those who use his name to a good cause, but in this case it is not a good thing. When ignorant people are flirting with the spiritual forces, it is very dangerous. If a person feels madness, melancholy, vexation of spirit. let him go to church. C On the other hand, the rituals of grandmothers — it is nothing like paganism. healing roots date back to ancient times, and now the witch doctors are working under a new guise. Also remember that suffering is often sent with educational purpose. And there are times when getting rid of them is immoral act … "

Scientists do not deny the existence of extrasensory perception

"One section of Psychology — Parapsychology — examines the unique opportunities of the person: telekinesis, telepathy, healing, etc., — says psychologist Michael Kargin. — Scientists admit the possibility of the existence of psychics who are abnormal phenomenon, the deviation from the norm. Main problem that people with extraordinary abilities can not confirm them in the laboratory. Unfortunately, the two psychics for 98 quacks. criterion by which to distinguish the true from the abnormal human rogue, still exists. On the other hand, many cases of healing to take place at the expense of self-hypnosis, when a patient includes internal reserves. Several years ago, the United States has been awarded a grant of $ 200 million for research on the topic: Is it possible through hypnosis to bring war
ts? experimenters proceeded from the fact that it is theoretically impossible because warts are a natural phenomenon, and hypnosis — mental.
In 1989, I witnessed a paranormal event. In the republican clinical hospital with a broken spine man lying in the House of death was healed after a session Kashpirovsky television. At the same time odnopalatniki who watched the session with him soon died one after another … As for the cure Baba Shura 4-year-old boy, doctors usually shrug their shoulders when they can not explain the phenomenon of natural causes. Traditional medicine is very sensitive about quackery, because he can not get it under control. "

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