Austria and Switzerland snowfall paralyzed

In Austria, the ski resorts are locked around 30,000 tourists due to heavy snowfall. The fact that the serpentines are closed to traffic. Over the past day emergency services recorded there are dozens of avalanches. About the dead and injured is not reported. The authorities have urged tourists who have come to rest, to have patience. Those who collects things in the near future plans to travel to the Austrian slopes, recommend to wait until the weather and roads are not to leave.

"We have two days can not go on the road because of the warning of avalanches. Flies helicopters that dropped dynamite to clear the mountain slopes. Said that the movement will soon reopen" — complained tourist Fritz Villoens.

"In Innsbruck I'm stuck for at least two hours. We were on a bus in a traffic jam on the motorway. Well, okay, if you have to return home to Switzerland. Holidays can wait," — said the second traveler Didier Rabelo.

On increased work translated and rescuers in neighboring Switzerland. Mountain passes are temporarily closed. On motorways, long lines of cars. For drivers organized feeding centers. Significantly increased and frequency of public transport. Clears all the streets, the available snow removal equipment. According to the forecasts of meteorologists, on Sunday the weather is unlikely to improve.


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