Authorities conceal the cause of poisoning lakes in Belarus


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15.11.11.Vlasti say that the fish in the lakes area in Glubokoye poisoned by oxygen. They deny the problem, and they say that the water quality — fit, says "Belsat".
Local activists disagree with the official response officials, alleging that water chistaya.Za decades enterprises and collective farms so polluted lake Aloizberg that it is impossible to swim and fish, the people said.

In the summer there was a citizens' initiative to protect the lake. Podsvile about 200 residents signed a petition to the deputy of the "chamber of representatives" Vladimir Andreichenko. Residents are asked to help stop the pollution of the lake.

According to the activist Marianne Misevich, residents received a response that was signed by Minister of Natural Resources Vladimir Tsalko.

"It is written, that the water in Aloizberge clean. But in the spring in the lake were many dead small fish. All of the lake was to fry. Environmental Inspectorate stated that the fish died from excess oxygen concentration, and fishermen say they have seen the lake flowed slurry of animal husbandry. "

Locals call different sources of pollution. According to them, the mud flows from the winery, which is on the shore of the walls that stick out sewers. Near the river Dove, which flows into the lake, is a dump.

This year, the river agricultural enterprise thrown manure.

Another possible source of contamination — a linen factory. In any case, the situation calls for serious intervention inspection of natural resources and environmental protection.

However, as the first deputy chairman of the executive committee Vitaly Petkevich, which is responsible for environmental issues, no further investigation will be.

"Analysis of water held. The reason that killed a lot of fish — the poisoning of water with oxygen. Local residents informed of this. "

As the activists, the pollution of lakes occur throughout the region. This creates a serious threat to Glubochchiny which anciently famous clear water and unspoiled nature. It is this emphasis on the development of tourism in the region.

However, while the authorities are not prepared to seriously study the problem of pollution as industries and people — during the bathing season, many beaches are littered with trash.

Source: Belsat, My BY

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