Avoid global warming will not be easy

The bad news getting worse and worse, a new study found that curb greenhouse gas emissions (in order to prevent serious climate change of the Earth) is at best extremely difficult. Current emission reduction targets far from the measures that need to warming remains below dangerous levels. To be successful, we probably should reverse the growth of emissions immediately and by the end of the century to reduce their most radical way. If we start later, the process would be much more expensive and require very different technologies. Yori Rogelio from the Swiss Technical College of Zurich and colleagues pooled estimates of the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere by the end of the century with the assumptions of the climate response to this outrage. Researchers have found in the literature description of 193 attempts to model how to keep global warming below two degrees at the lowest cost. The creators of these models attempt to take into account every factor — the rate of technological progress, the amount of available fossil fuels, alternative energy. Then all the data off to be eaten by a simple climate model. The results suggest that the hard times ahead. Program to reduce emissions, which do not require astronomical amounts and at the same time have a chance of success, suggest that greenhouse gas emissions to peak within this decade, and then will decline, and by 2050 it will be reduced by 50%. Only three of the 193 scenarios examined would keep warming below dangerous levels, and all of them are based on intensive use of energy systems, which are, in fact, lead to the removal of greenhouse gases from the atmosphere. This would require, for example, the simultaneous transition to biofuels and storing the carbon dioxide produced by burning, deep underground. The study is published in the online version of the journal Nature Climate Change.

Source: ecoportal.su.

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