Aztec city of Teotihuacan was erected not for people

September 21, 2012 0:05

Not far from the capital of Mexico are the ruins of the ancient city, which is already more than three thousand years — the city of Teotihuacan. Once upon a time in this area has developed the Aztec civilization. This finding is surprising because in Teotihuacan have streets, buildings, but completely lacks any traces of human presence.

The main feature of Teotihuacan are located on its territory of the giant pyramids. Struck by the fact that all the pyramids turned to one side of the world, have a perfect face, and the main thing is that their position is fully consistent with the location of the planets in our solar system.

Scientists measuring the distance between the pyramids were amazed to find that all the distances between them are identical to the actual distance between the planets of the solar system, but in the scale of 1:100 million

Researchers believe that the civilization that lived in this city was highly developed, and the destruction of the city was almost instantaneous. Learn succeeded after it was established that all the pyramids were built at one time.

Archaeologists believe that the invasion of the barbarians in one day destroy the city. But what happened to all the evidence that people lived in the city? Some researchers put forward the hypothesis that the ancient people had kidnapped alien civilization.

In support of this version they show well-preserved remains discovered at the foot of one of the pyramids. Remains belong to at least outwardly and substantially similar to the child, but having a huge head and a tail. This is not all versions, but the right answer, perhaps will actively developing in Teotihuacan excavations.

Author: Nicholas Merenkov

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