B-52 bombers moving to the «digital age»

B-52 bombers moving to the
The Boeing Company will equip strategic bombers B-52 more advanced communication systems, so crews can send and receive information via satellite configuration for mission planning and retargeting tools to best communicate with other aircraft and ground forces, reports ASDNews May 8.
The nearest time information to perform combat missions sank just before the flight. Flexible implementation tools do significantly better combat abilities «venerable» bombers.
«We translate this workhorse bombers in the era of digital technology and provide our customers with the infrastructure required for the upcoming improving aircraft,» said the director of programs from B-52 Oethaut Scott (Scot Oathout). Brand new system of communication will be established with the second half of 2014.
Other upgrades are to equip the modern workplace computer network each crewmember and integrated digital systems with increased capacity and noise reduction technology.

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