Baptism in the Russian Federation will be held in a warming in Magadan and cold in the Caucasus

Celebration of Baptism in Russia 19 January, traditionally begins the night with a swim in the sanctified waters, held this year with a significant increase in temperature in the Magadan region and small frost in the Caucasus.

Weather choice

The temperature in the different regions of the Far East to the Baptism will be different. So going over Kamchatka cyclone caused severe warming, and it is expected that the weather will continue in on Sunday night. In Vladivostok, the weather on the Orthodox feast is frosty — at night the temperature drops to minus 17 degrees, but the rain will not.

According Rosgidromettsentra, weather conditions in the Amur region on Epiphany will be "softer" than in previous days, when frosts reached minus 45 degrees. In Blagoveshchensk, January 19 is expected to be minus 27 at night and to minus 15 degrees in the afternoon.

In Khabarovsk, at night on a holiday will be down to minus 27 degrees, the Komsomolsk-on-Amur — to minus 30.

In Yakutia after severe cold as minus 50 degrees warming comes, and there is Epiphany will be about 35 degrees below zero.

Forecasters predict a dramatic warming in the Magadan region, it is connected with the influence of the cyclone, set in the Bering Sea. In Magadan, projected on a holiday is expected to minus 13 degrees in the continental areas of the region — up to minus 30. It is much warmer than normal for this time of year, as the average temperature for January in the Magadan region — minus 42 degrees.

Cold Caucasus and Urals

In the North Caucasus on Epiphany sometimes expect a little cold. In particular, on Sunday night, slight frost expected in Kabardino-Balkaria and Karachay-Cherkessia, where the temperature can drop to minus 2 degrees, and in North Ossetia, Ingushetia, Chechnya, and the temperature drops to minus 4 degrees. In all regions, precipitation is not expected.

In this case, the Stavropol and Dagestan frost will not. Forecasters expect a temperature increase of 5-6 degrees to plus, and only at night the temperature can drop to zero.

In the Urals, where the weather conditions are severe. The Chelyabinsk region is expected to minus 24 degrees in Epiphany, and in Kurgan — to minus 21. According to the forecast of the Sverdlovsk Hydrometeorological Center, celebrated a bit cold in the region will weaken — to minus 20 degrees, now in the field at night the temperature drops to minus 25-30 degrees.

Frosty weather expected in Baptism and in the Central Federal District. Coldest in the celebration will be in Ivanovo — minus 20-23 degrees. In Bryansk in Epiphany forecasters predict 14 to 19 degrees below zero. In Kostroma, the thermometer just down to minus 19 degrees. The afternoon of 19 January in Kostroma expected moderately cold weather to minus 10 at night — down to minus 16 degrees. In Yaroslavl, on Epiphany is to minus 17 degrees.

A little warmer this year will be in Tula — minus 6-7 degrees with light snow. At the same time a year ago, the temperature is lowered to 19 degrees below zero.

Traditional Bitter cold not only in the southern regions of the district in Belgorod on the day of the Baptism of wet snow is expected on the background of zero temperature. In neighboring Voronezh forecasters also predict a small negative.

Holiday in the cold

Novosibirsk on Epiphany waiting frosty weather. According to RIA Novosti chief meteorologist meteorologist Anna Lapchik Novosibirsk, the night of 19 January will be the coldest in the last days — the temperature is expected at 26-28 degrees Celsius in some places up to minus 32 degrees. But in the afternoon on January 19 the temperature rises to minus 17-19 degrees.

"The cold wave climate is often enough for the Christening, so this name — Epiphany frosts," — said Lapchik.

According to the Department of Roshydromet the Volga Federal District, the warmest region in the night of 19 January an Mordovia — the air temperature was minus 11.6 degrees, will be slightly colder in Bashkortostan — minus 7-16 degrees. In other regions of the Volga Federal District temperatures will average 19-21 degrees colder than likely be in the Kirov region — to minus 21-26 degrees and Udmurtia — to minus 20-25 degrees.

Warm baptism

Epiphany in some regions of southern Russia will be held at positive temperatures. Thus, according to weather forecasters in the Krasnodar region on the night of January 19, frost will not expect a positive temperature, chance of rain in some places — from low to moderate.

In the Rostov region is expected slight negative in the northern areas. In the Rostov-on-Don will be at night from zero to plus 2 degrees during the day — from 4 to 6 heat. Chance of light rain, but not in the form of snow, and as the traditional rain.

In Sochi, will also be zero temperature. "Bitter cold, we do not expect at home. Against the background of today's warm temperatures will be a lowering of the temperature, but not cold. Even in the foothills of the will without frost in the air," — told RIA Novosti deputy chief meteorologist Sochi Valentin Fedorov.

In Astrakhan Region "at Epiphany predicted minus 1.6 degrees, with clearings — places to minus 10 degrees Celsius. A day with the transition through zero from minus 2 to plus 3 degrees," — said the representative of the regional meteorologist Vera Yakhyaeva.

According to the Volgograd regional center for Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring, heavy frost in the Volgograd region on January 18-19 is not predicted. In most of the region these days expect a little precipitation in the form of snow, sleet and drizzle (drizzle). In some areas of fog and ice. Night temperature from zero to 5 degrees below zero in some places up to 10 degrees Celsius during the day — from minus 3 to plus 2.

Icy Palmyra

In the Epiphany in St. Petersburg is expected frost, told RIA Novosti chief forecaster urban meteorologist Alexander Kolesov.

"On the night c 18 to 19 January will be frosty. Downtown 17-19 degrees below zero in the vicinity — up to 24 degrees," — he said.

The next day, January 19, the day will also be very cold, but in the evening because of the cyclone temperature begins to rise and will warm up to 7-9 degrees below zero. This slabomoroznaya weather will continue in the next few days.

In the Pskov region, according to forecasters, the region is expected to freeze, and at the weekend the temperature will sometimes reach minus 20 degrees. While the temperature is kept at 10-15 degrees below zero.

In Arkhangelsk on Epiphany is also a bit frosty — minus 10-12 degrees, the same weather awaits residents of Murmansk. In Karelia January 19 projected minus 20 degrees, which is normal for this region.

In Kaliningrad night in celebration expected 15-16 degrees.

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