Beggars in the oil kingdom

Beggars in the oil kingdom

Beggars in the oil kingdom
For the beautiful façade of the 1st of the richest regions of — poverty, anger and despair

"Oil breadbasket" country — the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Area — Yugra, giving a tenth of tax revenues to the federal budget, is sinking into the abyss. In a region where the owners of oil and gas companies earn a billion impoverished people quickly. To date 10 of thousands of people live in the so-called "beams" — neighborhoods where housing is more of the tanks, barrels, wagons, geological and wood huts huts. In an environment of more than 10,000. The inhabitants of the region, which produces oil and gas in the trillions of rubles, stoked home with wood and putting up with the lack of water.

Novosibirsk journalist Alexander Burmistrov was in Khanty-Mansiysk and, in his words, he came into a nightmare litsezrev what is happening there, "Bumpy roads, social sphere in full decline, the northern wage — myth, the price of food, on the contrary, the most that neither is "northern". And so are people that bring millions of dollars of profit. " Khanty-Mansiysk is located in the middle part of, occupies the central part of the West Siberian Plain. Administrative center — Khanty-Mansiysk. Live surrounded by more than half a million people. Most large companies: LLC "LUKOIL-Western Siberia," CCI "Kogalymneftegas" CCI "Urayneftegaz", OJSC "Surgutneftegas".

— The county has become a very unpresentable. Very expensive public services: one-bedroom apartment for a month costs about 5,600 rubles. Next to the elegant buildings constructed on the "oil" means — the slums, people stroll in rags, — says managing director of the Regional Human Rights Public Organization "The law is the law," Alexander LOBOV. — In Nefteyugansk, where I live, all in the nursery consists of 6500 , with a population of 119,000 … Managers of companies are hiring shift workers of the poorest regions, they work here for a symbolic means.

— Employers save up to everyone because verbovanii interested in the labor force from the outside. They bring workers from other regions who live in trailers and eat "doshirak," — says the chairman of the Public Chamber of the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Area — Yugra Victor Zaboltsky — We went to the field, assured control that you need to take on the work of those who lives nearby.

But what are exhortations at stake — hundreds of millions of dollars?

By the way, not so long ago, the heads of oil companies appealed to the management of the neighborhood with a request for tax breaks. Allegedly, the production of these minerals is very unprofitable. Victor Zabolotski says that when discussing their requests the Public Chamber, will ensure that they are perceived by the work of local residents.

Great to …

Gas and oil from local, to work hard at the huge plant, prepared by Russian standards, well — 40 000 — 44 000 rubles per month, almost in the Moscow. But the conditions in which people live and work are very different from the capital. This North. And the prices here are often higher than in Moscow. A kilo of apples, for example, according to the Federal State Statistics Service, in July cost 80-90 rubles, grapes — 150-170, bananas — about 65. Buckwheat in the village Ob sold for 138 rubles. In Kogalyma dozen eggs costs about 54 rubles a liter of milk — 58. The purchasing power of the population fell sharply.

Tasks in the "social sphere".

— In most of the houses built apartments designed for implementation. Banks on the various mortgage programs when issuing loans to young families to buy homes. But many of wages declined, some lost their jobs, and in general have been unable to pay back the loans. Are in despair, — continues Alexander LOBOV — Over the past few years, opened just a kindergarten for 300 places. Adopted by the programm "New School of Ugra". It is, as usual, is striking "their Community". The implication in the three years to build 107 kindergartens for 24,000 seats. Price applets — about 25.6 billion rubles. But realized it — is unknown.

In the past year, fell sharply, foreign direct investment in Ugra. And before the inflow of capital from abroad in our district was low. This is explained by closeness of the industry and zeal to develop at their own expense. And the region's economy continues to stagnate because of the shortcomings of investment. This situation is not seen in the country. Investors prefer to invest in regions with a cute business climate.

"SP": — They say that the degree of social stress you have reached the critical point …

— That's right. People are exhausted to the maximum, they behold the future. It is possible that at the end of the year will take to the streets. While the average salary is about 44,000 rubles, the bureaucrats working in the government of Khanty-Mansiysk, according to Rosstat, receive more than 90,000 rubles per month. Their wages comparable, and in some cases even superior work in the federal structures of Moscow. Thus, in the presidential administration and the government of — the average monthly wage was 88 thousand and 84 thousand rubles, respectively. Well, in the Urals Federal surrounded by government bureaucrats Ugra confidently occupy the first line among his colleagues.

It turns out the phenomenon: the region is living all terrible, and people in positions of authority, as if responsible for the development, sits on a good salary.

Immense rise in food prices must admit even the Governor Natalia Komarova neighborhood. Since the beginning of this year the price of buckwheat increased by 50%, wheat has risen in price by 40%, higher steel prices for cabbage (34 per kilo), onions (33 rubles), sausage (320 rubles). At a meeting of the Commission to monitor prices governor complained: "In the circumstances of the market, the growth of prices, there are speculative."

But how then to explain that grows and payment for utility services, transportation, communications, gas, electricity? Who's cranking rates? Also speculators? Then why the government is not holding back their appetites? Here, according to official data, services, preschool for the year rose by an average of 10%. What were absolutely no ability to increase this limit?

Doctor of Political Sciences, Head of the Laboratory of Mathematical methods of policy analysis and forecasting of the Faculty of Political Science, MSU Andrew Ahremenko says that last year the level of Khanty rolled off the 5th position on the 19th: "Natural resources and the state of life in Russia — are not synonymous. In the "tail" of the rankings were secured and industrial areas, and resource-rich regions. Among them — Khanty-Mansiysk.

During the study, we used data of the State Statistics Service. They learned that the inhabitants of a neighborhood income decreased, jobs are scarce, and the number of criminal acts is growing. "

"SP": — is due to lowering of wages and loss with an increase in the number of crimes?

— In areas where the standard of living goes down — increasing the number of criminal manifestations.

"SP": — Can appear on this ground protests?

— The mood of the inhabitants we have not studied, because I will not take it upon myself to make guesses about it. I can say that in indus
trialized regions will take the process of social stratification.

Managing regional programs of the Foundation for Information Policy Alexander Kanev says that economic level Khanty began to drop a couple of years back: "Some economically comfortably governors do not find a common language with the population. Natalia Komarova, who took over as head of the neighborhood a bit more than a year back — a stranger to residents. In this region, an original way of life, certain traditions that have developed between the local elite. During the reign of the governor Philippenko region developed well enough, but mistakes were made as a result of decreased income neighborhood which have not been implemented large projects. In my opinion, a direct link between the decrease in the standard of living of the population and the new governor, no. But the act of Natalia Komarova unsuccessful. "

"Billionaires spit on people!"

— The "face" of our town looks as Europeans, and everything else, so that if it saw the Europeans — would have died from a nightmare! Many live in the houses with land floors. You can not imagine what a non-heated floors in the Ugra cold as minus 45 degrees! A "convenience" — on the street! And it is the capital of the region, which produces more than half of all the oil extracted from the Russian interior — says a resident of the Khanty-Mansiysk Ira Lebedev. — Many Russians believe that the inhabitants of the Khanty swimming in petrodollars hitters out of the ground! Yes, we're hardly ends meet! Bureaucrats move from the 1st of the celebration to another. Incessant prazdnichek! Feast or Famine?

— It demonstrates the town concert hall "Ugra-Classic" and the majestic building of the river port, and even in the central part of the town people do not have no water, no gas! In almost all villages in Khanty-Mansiysk is no electricity! — Outraged teacher of arithmetic Anna Sergeeva. — In our environment mined 180 tons of oil per year per capita, more than in rich United Arab Emirates. But there is every born child receives from poor countries do not benefit, and age — a car. We find it hard to find the means to simply feed the children.

— Employers do not pay extra wages for the combination of professions, hide processing, industrial injury and illness. Working without pay equity — it is slavery. For the use of slave labor the employer should be held criminally liable, — ask the occupant of Khanty-Mansiysk Roman Melikhov. — CEOs officially show revenue of 60-100 million rubles a year. A working condemn a poor old age. The number of Russian billionaires grows in the eyes of the whole world! Where the means?

According to the disk imaging of the Federal State Statistics Service of Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug — Yugra, in 2010, on the 1st inmate neighborhood had 18.2 square meters of living space (in the whole country — 21 square meters). Growing old and dilapidated housing stock: at the end of 2009 it amounted to 1,924,900 square meters, and at the end of 2010 — 2,026,300 square meters.

The correspondent of "joint venture" decided to find out in the Government of Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Area — Yugra, why in the region neftegazodbyvayuschem people live in the houses with the ground floor and on the verge of poverty. But officials refused to speak on the subject.

Quite naturally, the real extent of the problem that the local government has not yet realized. And, it seems, do not think about lust. Indeed, it is hard to configure brains, if the salary of the Ugra bureaucrat more than twice the average wage of an ordinary yugorchanina. They live in other yardsticks.

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