Beijing: The Great Wall of China is visible from space




The Chinese rushed to rewrite textbooks. Following the flight of China's first astronaut Yang Lieve authorities have recognized the widespread myth the idea that the Great Wall of China — the only man-made object visible from space. Accordingly, it was instructed to remove the myth of school grants, on the grounds that Yang Liwei did not see the wall from the window of a spacecraft. Today, however, the European Space Agency has placed on the Internet images made satellite with an orbital altitude of 600 km. They can clearly see the Great Wall of China. Pictures accompanied by mocking commentary of American astronauts, the meaning of which is to ensure that the need to know where to look. Another bad news for the Chinese was the confirmation of the fact that their great wall — not only the work of human hands, which can be seen from space. As recalled by the electronic version of the newspaper "El Mundo", another station "Mir" photographed from a height of 400 kilometers of the Egyptian pyramids.

Battery News, 12.05.2004 18:40
Source: PCH

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