Bermuda Triangle: Anomaly 2012

February 28, 2013 1:53

Bermuda Triangle on the map

Bermuda Triangle on the map

Disappearances, natural anomalies, unclarified facts, witnesses testified. New discoveries, which set a new more questions than answers. For decades, human eyes, conversations and attracts the attention of the Bermuda Triangle.

The name "Bermuda Triangle" gave Vincent Gaddis in 1964, describing a place that "brings death," but since when is a place known to mankind — no one knows. Numerous disappearances of ships and planes have been fixed just above the zone. Each year, the U.S. Coast Guard reports of missing ships in the Bermuda Triangle. 2.3 Plane disappear each year over the place.

Found on the bottom of the sea in the Bermuda triangle sunken airplanes had to put an end, but rather than a single point has three, because of the disappearance of aircraft is of such models, no one knew.

However, the Bermuda Triangle, as undamped volcano again reminds himself: the disappearance and unusual events in this area continues.

In the summer of 2012 the yacht "Scorpius" with the Russian-Ukrainian crew got into this dysfunctional zonu.Imenno in the Bermuda triangle it was struck by lightning and all appliances are out of order. Yacht captain said he did not believe in such nonsense as Friday the 13th (and this is a Friday the 13th) and anomalies in the Bermuda Triangle, but his boat, even with the engine running for several days could not move. Besides, according to him, the whole team has vertical clouds and huge circle of light.

Pyramids and ruins in the Bermuda Triangle.  Photo: Agencias /

Pyramids and ruins in the Bermuda Triangle. Photo: Agencias /

Just a few months ago, on 10 October 2012, the world was shocked new discovery: Canadian firm Advaanced Digital Commenikation instead of treasure found in sunken ships at the bottom of the Bermuda Triangle of building unusual town, with roads, tunnels, crumbling walls and pyramids. However, according to other sources, it worked by order of the authorities of Cuba. But the discovery of remains open. At a depth of about 60 m found two giant pyramids. Oceanographers have found out that one of them is composed of a substance similar to glass. They resemble the famous Egyptian pyramids, but the size is much greater than the pyramids of Giza. An even greater mystery is the age of the pyramids: scientists believe they are not more than 500 years. Who created it and why remains a mystery. By hypothesis, the scientists, the pyramid — is the battery for the accumulation of an unknown energy.

Pyramid in the Bermuda Triangle. Photo from

It is known that the Bermuda Triangle — the only place on the planet anomalies. Bermuda Triangle researchers decided to compare the coordinates of places on the map of the earth. As a result, apparent pattern: all abnormal areas at intervals of 72 degrees cover the planet — has five districts in the northern hemisphere, and five on the south. And when you combine these points with the Earth's poles, the net of these zones will be in the form of a crystal. Experts have found the fact that almost all points of the pyramid, there are: Bermuda, the Kailas in Tibet, on the island of Yonaguni in Japan, Egypt and Mexico.

There is an assumption that such places — a kind of portals to other dimensions.

Bermuda Triangle … What lies behind it? What forces or laws that are not available until the human understanding? When and who will answer? One thing is — as long as there is a secret, will not go out the human desire to solve it.

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