Big plans unmanned «Rosoboronexport»

Big plans unmanned  

From 13 to 18 November in the Chinese city of Zhuhai passes the ninth international aerospace show Airshow China-2012. China Exhibition significantly younger than their own zabugornyh opponents because some records in attendance or the total price of signed contracts from it, no one expects. Yet, already in the first days of the event made a few fascinating statements concerning Russian aviation industry.

As it turns out, «Rosoboronexport» has huge plans for the development of new markets. First, the enthusiasm for this organization is the market of UAVs. According to the head of the Air Force Department of «Rosoboronexport» Sergei Kornev, in the coming 10 years, until 2022, Russian producers drones can significantly increment its share in the international market. Expected part of the supplies of Russian UAV in the total market could reach the threshold of 5 percent. With all this, no one disputes the fact that to achieve such characteristics would be difficult because of competition in the highest part of unmanned aviation market.

Premise of this competition, first, is the enthusiasm for future buyers to unmanned vehicle. For example, at present the general desires and needs of Latin America is estimated at 5-5.5 billion dollars, and European countries can purchase drones to nine billion, but the most «delicious» for manufacturers is the Asian market — more than 14 billion within a couple of years . With all of this European and Asian markets have one fascinating feature: a number of these regions has its own creation UAV, causing import accounts for less than 30-40 per cent of total purchases. Latin American countries, in turn, until only build their creation harsh unmanned vehicles. So Makar, no matter what country wishing to offer any American state their products. Naturally, this will affect the competition.
In the longer term, the market of unmanned aerial vehicles, at least, will not reduce the volume of its own. Are increasingly heard guesses that in the future the majority of aviation first battle will be consistent with the concept of remote control or even full autonomy. Completely clear that the emergence and spread of unmanned fighter or strike aircraft with features at today’s combat aircraft entail growth in contracts and the whole market. But while such projects is only at the level of preparation and pans too early to build business plans.

Meanwhile, the bulk of export and of imported supplies for light reconnaissance UAVs created for use in the Army. The practice of using a similar technique in the wars shortly showed their prospects in the current time makes a huge amount of their designs such class or procures someone else. Thanks to such purchases fighters different ground units are able to find out in advance a number of characteristics of the terrain and the enemy’s position, which significantly increases the effectiveness of these actions.

Practically speaking, light drones with a takeoff weight of less than 12-15 pounds are one of the main directions of development of the entire industry, including in our country. As the development of this class have a certain export potential, roots styled T10 UAV «Aileron-10» and «White-10.» Both of these devices have take-off weight of 12-14 pounds and can patrol over the area for several hours. The desired load several kilograms allows designated devices produce television and thermal imaging exploration. With all of this design allows both sets itself apart and UAV launcher for more comfortable carrying, including the calculation of forces.

As for the other UAVs, it is often their features are a prerequisite claims. For example, the chief editor of the magazine «unmanned aircraft» D. Fedutinov complained complex «Pear». According to him, for a short time of operation was lost more than a few 10’s of such drones, with roughly half of them lost because of the loss of the signal from the remote control. By Fedutinova views, more comfortable and promising machine is «Seeker», which at the same dimensions and flight data has slightly broader ability for exploration. Namely, it is able to record the coordinates of found objects that increases the efficiency of a reconnaissance mission.

Such seemingly small aspects of the design and operation can significantly affect the export prospects of a particular UAV. In light of the characteristics of the UAV market no matter what little thing may be a precursor of loss in the tender. In addition to the merits of the proposed «bar» in the 5 percent Russian unmanned aircraft manufacturers have to make a truly competitive world-class design. In the unlikely event the country’s leading industry — Israel and the U.S. — are not only not reduce their bit of the market, and their increment. Currently, they provide about 70% of the international market UAV and not the fact that in the coming years, this fraction decreases. According to various forecasts for the next 10 years, the market will grow drones couple of times. For example, analysts at Forecast International estimated amount of «internal» and export UAV at the beginning of the 20s at 70 billion dollars per year. As we see, the rapid growth of the industry today is totally worth the investment and you want to wish Fortune «Rosoboronexport» and Russian firms to developers in the implementation of its plans.

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