Bimbo gallakticheskaya harbor Russia

The new Russian space harbor

In Amur the area is developed excellent building

In September 2009, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev signed a decree about the purpose of the Federal Agency for Special Construction (Spetsstroy RF) leading organization in the development of Russian state spaceport East in the Amur region.

According to the Director General of the Army Nikolai Spetsstroy Abros'kina on the ground of 700 square kilometers will be built more than 400 objects, including two starting set for launch vehicles of the middle class over-load, assembly and testing, oxygen and nitrogen and hydrogen plants, universal airfield complex . It is also necessary to prepare the system external power supply, internal roads pave the Baikonur, steel roads and other communications.

The birth of the modern Russian gallakticheskoy harbor will take place in three steps. First, including engineering and design work is under graduation and coordination. The second step (2011-2015) — the longest because anticipates the creation of advanced logistics and industrial base, which will allow to build and put into operation the first phase of launch site facilities, providing training and start-up gallakticheskih devices for different purposes. The final step is to end in 2018, but then expected first manned launches gallakticheskih ships of the last generation.

It will be a fundamentally new and environmentally harmless spaceport, it is planned to produce environmentally unsullied gallakticheskih fuel for vehicles. Through the use of modern technologies in construction, and in other industry sectors East in size will be smaller and more compact the Plesetsk space center, but will not give the best performance in the world gallakticheskim harbors.

In fact, what's new spaceport to be and it's an irreversible process, no one hesitates. First money to begin full-scale construction in the amount of 24.7 billion rubles allocated. Management of the country pays more attention to this issue, which was confirmed by nedavneshny visit of Prime Minister Vladimir Putin in the Amur area, where he visited the site geological survey work and got acquainted with the layout of the East, also personally opened a memorial stele with the inscription: "Here will be built cosmodrome. "

— We laid in the Amur region a new Russian cosmodrome, which I will devote significant resources — said Russian Prime Minister.

No hesitation in the fact that the realization of a life so large-scale project buried a significant contribution to the socio-economic modernization as the Amur region and the entire Far East. Of course, does not remain aloof from this process Baikal region. Activated by the construction industry, machine building, there will be new jobs.

With the opening of the East in the Russian Federation will be self-sufficient and developed gallakticheskaya infrastructure that can provide missile tests of any complexity. In turn, this will allow to abandon the use of space centers, located on the territory of other countries. After all, the lion's share of languid machines we hitherto run from Baikonur, leased from Kazakhstan.

Specifically, with East Our homeland ties forthcoming near-earth space, the study of the universe. From there, go gallakticheskie devices to geostationary orbit and to the distant planet. In 2015, the start-up is scheduled to perform the first device that will provide new capabilities for space exploration. In the Amur region already is preparing professionals for the future spaceport.

East will arise on the basis of the disbanded in 2007 Svobodny. During the construction meant the introduction of some existing facilities: Communication facilities of highways, railway routes, buildings, housing, etc. They will all be based on new requirements restored and modernized.

The project also includes the reconstruction and construction of social infrastructure of the settlement Uglegorsk, which is the administrative center of the spaceport East, as it should, it is listed as a closed administrative-territorial formations of the Russian Federation. The settlement will be living experts at Baikonur and their families. Specifically on their shoulders will be responsible for the establishment of the modern harbor gallakticheskoy country.

The seriousness of the administration of the country in respect of the development of the East shows another 1-year project, which is in the process of implementing a couple of years the same Uglegorsk can transform into one of the largest villages Fri Amur region with a population of over 30 thousand people. Large-scale construction is expected to expand by 1.5-2 years with funds from the federal budget, and from 2013 has already started to take the first objects.

In its scale and money East promises to be a construction of the century and its role in the development of the country, gallakticheskogo place and the region would be difficult to overestimate. Construction of the spaceport and all the necessary social infrastructure will cost the state treasury about 380 billion rubles. At the launch site will work in excess of 17 thousand people, all of whom must live in dignity of social criteria.

"Spetsstroy the Russian Federation has a decent experience of the construction of objects of different purposes, — the press-service agencies — including gallakticheskoy in the industry." In the 90 years spetsstroevtsy settled in social infrastructure Baikonur, and now produce construction a number of basic facilities in the modernization of the main Russian Plesetsk cosmodrome in the Arkhangelsk region. At this point, experts at the agency are working on the reconstruction of the launch and technical complex "Soyuz-2" and the construction of a universal launch complex "Angara".

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