Bimbo reform the Interior Troops of the Russian Federation: Development Prospects

The new reform the Interior Troops of Russia: prospects

Military personnel and veterans of the Russian Interior Ministry troops on March 27 noted Prof. prazdnichek own.

The reform, which touched the armed forces, is not spared and the "second army". Recall back in September to the State Duma a bill was filed "On service in the internal affairs" — the document which completing the process of reforming the Russian police. This bill provides for the terms and order retention, and social protection of personnel internal troops. It aims to change the outdated document from 1992 — Regulation on the service in the Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation.

According to the bill newcomer set order military service on a contract basis, the procedure for the conclusion and termination of the contract, the term of the contracts and forms, detailed regulation of translation is carried out at the newest post and configurations in the criteria of the contract, and order the certification.

Read more about the brand new document, said Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs S.Bulavin, according to whom service AMD is a federal agency, and therefore financed from the municipal budget.

He also noted that the trial period at enrollment will be about 2-6 months, everything will depend on the units in which wishes to serve as an intern. Certification will take place often times in four years.

Most recently completed the first part of the reform. So, at this point in the structure of the internal troops, there are about 170 thousand soldiers. They consist of seven regional commands that appeared instead of districts, units and formations which are specifically subject to the General Command of Interior Ministry troops. Most of the units of the brigade was transferred to the base.

At each regional command has parts and connections created for the protection of special cargo and municipal facilities special significance. In their puzzle comes to security unsafe production company Rosatom nuclear power plants, each of which has a massive connection of internal forces, intelligence, special forces and even a group of frogmen.

For each command there are also special motorized Interior Ministry troops in the puzzle which comes protection of public order. They are absolutely equipped vehicles. And their soldiers can very often behold the city streets for several people in patrols.

Execution of combat operations assigned to the brigade of operational designation — motorized connection kitted artillery and armored vehicles. Typically, they are located near large cities and make combat tasks in case of emergency or riots. In addition, there is a Odon, special purpose division, which to this day is called "Dzerzhinka" and which is deployed in Balashikha near Moscow. The division includes the 604-th center of special purpose, which was created on the basis of group of special purpose "Rus" and the shelf "Knight". The center is also narrowly focused special forces.

Each regional command has its own special purpose units. Altogether there are 15, with a total population of about 15 thousand people. In addition, as part of the internal forces and CIA have with their particular departments. There are sea connections to equipment which are high-speed boats and water bikes, which are created for the realization of fundamental approaches to objects, namely, nuclear power plants, and aqua waters.

In the structure of the Internal Troops there and a private aviation, which is armed Mi-24, Mi-26, Mi-8, AN-72, AN-26 and IL-76.

Despite the decent amount of weapons and equipment, upgrading the Internal Troops also conducted. In the framework of planned disposal of tracked armored vehicles. By the time the true, the available armed with tanks, have already been transferred to the central base of the tank reserves. But, according to the views of some professionals, it was made well in advance. Because it is possible that recently a small number of tanks will appear again in the Internal Troops. Of course, we are not talking about the current model, T-90mA or "Armata", but on the proven T-72B, you can lay completely.

Tracked BMP-2 is planned to change the wheel BTR-82A, which can be driven by ordinary roads. It is also planned to increase the security of armored vehicles from roadside bombs and mines.

As for the manufacturers of military equipment, then, according to General of the Army Nikolai Rogozhkina, Commander of the Internal Troops of the Interior Ministry, the procurement process will be given to the value of the Russian developers and manufacturers. He also noted that the time is in service with BB already has a number of Russian-made unmanned reconnaissance, which are used to perform combat missions. They are designed for intelligence and for the first part of an operational mission. During the test, the UAV zabugornogo and Russian-made choice was made in favor of Kazan drones, which are actually quite meet the requirements of explosives.

Rogozhkin also noted that the troops are taken into service new, efficient means to provide medical assistance. Equipment is carried on today by portable air transport systems established to transport the seriously wounded and evacuated victims from the scene. Honey ensuring the Interior Troops is on quite the highest level, is not only for themselves soldiers and veterans, and their families. Under special control is the solution to the rehabilitation treatment of soldiers who suffered during combat missions, and who require special types of rehabilitation. In the past decade has been provided prosthetic and orthopedic care of more than 150 soldiers who have suffered in the course of operations in the North Caucasus region. 34 of them continue to serve in the Interior Ministry.

Above all else, debugged and the process of providing educational assistance. So, for example, states that Rogozhin, kids from families of servicemen killed in the performance of their official obligations guaranteed will be able to enroll in schools of Interior troops.

So Makarov, one could argue that the General Command of explosives Interior Ministry is doing everything in his power to those who stand on the protection of the constitutional order in the country areas who protect public order and the fight against terrorism did not remain without attention.

From all of the spoken one can come to the conclusion that today Internal troops MIA — this is one of the most effective power structures of the country, which are created to solve problems not only in times of war and in peacetime.

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