Bimbo rescue capsule for submarines passed tests

New rescue capsule for submarines has been testedNizhny Novgorod CDB "Lapis" conducted tests the latest rescue capsule for submarines third and following generations, reports "Interfax". This capsule designed for deep-sea submarines and tests will be fixed on them for the salvation of the members of teams or acceptance test in the event of tragedy. With all of this on submarines will be established and the capsule for the crew.

Established capsules are designed only to save the crew, at the time as in the test campaigns are participating experts at the factory, the designers and the military taking sub. According to a source at the Severodvinsk shipyard "Asterisk"During testing capsule has been installed on the housing as an additional submarine rescue capsule. In the true Time Capsule has returned to the "asterisk", where it is carried out and the final finishing equipment.

Currently the company is working on installing the capsule ventilation systems, additional electrical equipment, systems and decompression. Create a capsule is within the municipal defense order. Cost of the project is not specified. It is also unclear when exactly you plan to take up a new standard rescue capsule.

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