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Is it possible to Vladivostok without a Pacific Fleet? Thanks to our city fleet appeared and remained "nashenskie" to date. The city is currently covered in the construction fever, and the fleet, and if a fever, it seemed ailing. Continue to walk rumors that by order of the Minister of Defense until the end of 2011 in Vladivostok, should not be left of the 1st Military! What will happen to the Pacific Fleet, as it would be if at all?

It would be nice on this topic with the Minister of Defense or to talk with the commander of the Pacific Fleet. But is there can this be? With them, only the president can say, not with a regular mortal.

But no. That was not always the case.

Imagine for yourself: Our homeland, in 1904. Unsuccessfully developing Russian-Japanese War. "Varyag" was dead, locked Pacific Squadron at Port Arthur. In most of — the rebellion, executions, censorship. And in St. Petersburg newspapers are full of reports of long-beleaguered port. Moreover, thanks to this correspondence, written by officers of the navy, in the capital of public opinion (yes, specifically public opinion!) As influenced by the government that it collects and ships from the Baltic to the aid of the besieged sends squadron. A command put the 1 st of the best admirals, clever, good Zinovy Petrovich Rozhdestvensky, though, with all this human despotic temper and desperate mockers. And here comes this squadron than three months, as initially planned, and almost nine. And the longer it goes, the more clear to everyone that she is not going to fight, and "die gallantly."

Who is hard to imagine being, that with the squadron going into battle, the officers wrote in the newspaper. Wrote. And received in foreign ports Russian mail from their publications. Discussed, argued, again wrote. Even Rozhestvensky could not stay away and he wrote a letter to the editor of the newspaper "New Era". Yes, not only wrote what was intended, and what you expect from him in the military. And later, when the squadron was destroyed, sunk or surrendered, it was too late to declare: "If I had a spark of civilian courage I had to shout to the whole world: Preserving the past, these resources of the fleet! Do not send them to destruction! But I did not have a suitable spark. "

Now … do not like war, but from the Pacific Fleet was left without any Tsushima handful of ships. And then what? Transferred to headquarters in Fokino? And all ships — in the Gulf of Archer? Implement a stadium PF, water station and house officers? What kind of ships the Navy needs now? ..

With whom to talk openly? Now — with only those admirals and officers who have already been withdrawn from the staff (in stores, retired) and are not afraid to "speculate."

Boris F. PRIKHODKO, vice-admiral, Chairman of Vladivostok meeting (1979 — Commander of the division of nuclear submarines, 1983 — Deputy Commander Pacific Fleet Combat Training, 1990 — Admiral Inspector Russian submarine forces of the Union)

— There is no point read as the Pacific Fleet to cruisers, aircraft carriers, submarines, when there is no clear naval doctrine and not the economy, which would make the fleet and maintain.

Year discussions are — to purchase from France helicopter "Mistral" … Why? Why specifically helicopter? We prepare a landing operation? Or in opposition to the Land of the Rising Sun, which is building a second destroyer-helicopter project "Hugo"? The Japanese these ships constructed and with the deck such that they can be put not only helicopters. Yes, and airplanes.

Though what a great ship itself for itself — it's a big target. It needs intelligence, target designation, protection and support; other forces fleet — a complex. One link dropped out of the structure, and all he loses combat capability.

You can read that we need aircraft carriers. India has. Thailand has. And we have not. But we have no place to build them. Neither shipyard in Russia can not build huge surface ships. This shipyard has been in Nikolayev and went to Ukraine. At the time, a lot of talk about the fact that our first aircraft carrier "Minsk" and "Novorossiysk" were sold for nothing. But you understand that these ships did not have the desired base? Hung out here in the Bay Shooter, hiding from the wind outside the peninsula Putiatina. And for 10 years, these ships have developed their own resources. Since always had to ourselves all provide, producing heat energy. And all the mechanisms, engines worked constantly. And if the ship is not in the campaign, it must be moored to the quay wall and get to the shore power and heat, to save life of their own devices. On the "Minsk" vpribavok rusted kingston drainage system, and the ship took several thousand tons of water into the hold.

How can we talk about the development of the fleet, if we only know that we do not have "potential enemy." Not now, but tomorrow suddenly appear. And what do we do? We have a plan? We have an awareness of how we should develop a fleet? What are the pools? Where we need to keep the main force?

Look. The Education Act is? Have. It was discussed, brought thousands of amendments. The law on the police, too, is — and discussed it. And then, on which rests the sovereignty of the country — the armed forces — endlessly reformed last 20 years without any law.

I — Vice Admiral, I — a citizen, I want to know what our objectives in the reform of the army and navy.

Here in front of me, "Foreign Military Review." I read that "the armed forces of the United States work out a scenario of global shocks non-nuclear means." Or that the U.S. Defense Department has stepped up efforts to implement the troops of precision tools. All these military concepts and discusses the scenarios open. NATO Lisbon held a session discussing the latest situation in the world and that these criteria to do. We invited a delegation of 20 states that are not members of NATO, so they listen.

And at this point we can open a discussion that makes the United States and NATO with its armed forces, but did not know what to do with us. That is spent on the country's resources and taxpayers' money? If the discussion in our Duma and go, then closed the door.

In the end, I only know that the reform of our armed forces is no beginning and no end.

The endless reform of our army and navy carried out as if only for the fact that each new president claimed newest form of military personnel. If you develop a form of type designers Zaitseva or Yudashkin, it is clear that the army is preparing for parades, not for the fights.

But I see the signature of the Minister of Defense of other documents. Serdyukov approved the list of "unnecessary" for the army and navy sports facilities, where to hit, and two sites PF, apparently with a view to its implementation. But if we take the principles of the U.S. Armed Forces, for example the transition to teams, why do we forget that the U.S. Army has good gyms and stadiums, and almost in the statutes stipulate what weight should be an officer at such and such a height and waist which should be in general.

The concept of "selling military property" I see a vision of the country's navy — no.

Igor Fedorovich Shugaley, captain second rank in retirement:

— The main task of the fleet — ensuring the interests of the country across the ocean, asset protection, merchant marine and communications. Water resou
rces currently assigned to the Coast Guard ships. Oil on the Sakhalin shelf is not necessary to protect her overseas companies produce without a fight. And I often hear from Muscovites — so give these Kurils residents of the country of the rising sun, we still do not use them … I object, "Here you have money in the bank lie, you should not use — give it to me!" Do not give. One Iturup or Kunashir — more metropolitan area, especially if you take the economic zone around, and it is 200 miles from the coast … from which to push off, so to talk about what should be our fleet? Yes, at least from our former enemies. In France, the UK, the main forces of the United States nuclear arsenal are in the ocean. Why? Since the strategic missiles — to strike. They are best kept away from the city and in general from their own land. At Yankee — command of the sea, and we are pressed to his own bank. On the other hand, ground missiles faster lead to readiness than the ship. Why the "Bulava" misses the target? Since the developers have taken over land base "Topol", which shoots a motionless position …

Our government wants everything at once. Because of what's going on, I understand that the main idea of our military reform — to reduce the cost of the army and navy. The very thought of this for myself, maybe it is sound. But it is implemented in such a way that at first pounding on the officers.

Here is a thought — buy French helicopter. I do not know why, but I understand why. Since at least the French officers on ships. And why not? When the "Joan of Arc" was in Vladivostok, it was revealed that the third part of them — warrant. And they have as a class been sentenced to destruction. Explained to us that "the warrant — an extra category." Pension midshipman — less social. How so? At least some of the technical structure is workers, technicians and engineers. And the Navy should be sailors, warrant officers.

Well, reduce the number of military schools, which train the officers. But talk about the fact that public universities will prepare us all officers — not very true. How much do the guys at the moment after the Institute is ready to put on shoulder straps? In the state universities higher education? What? By what characteristics? Capital Institute, if it comes to that, based least naval schools.

Vladimir Ermolkin, a retired colonel, the Chairman of the Board of Veterans Pacific Fleet Naval Aviation:

— Do not forget that modern fleet without its aircraft — this is nonsense. At the time of its own flourishing Pacific Fleet had a different fleet. This naval missile-carrying aircraft, anti-submarine, reconnaissance, ground attack, fighter and transport.

And today as a result of the reform and the reduction of naval aviation, we have lost one hundred percent of naval missile-carrying aircraft, well — reconnaissance aircraft, and was a regiment of Tu-95RTs — reconnaissance and target designation. These aircraft were dissected surface situation and passed on the boat. One aircraft was giving surface situation across 900 km, could be in the air for 16 hours. And we had two separate reconnaissance squadron on the Tu-16R. They had both radar and electronic intelligence equipment for the opening of enemy air defenses on land and ships.

Lost quite attacking with aircraft: deck — Yak-38 and shore-based — the Su-17 and Su-25 later. And the fighter regiment in Cam Ranh also lost.

It was only a fleet anti-submarine aircraft in airplane and helicopter variants.

There were 17 flying units — 14 aviation regiments and three separate squadrons. Remained — almost a fourth part.

And what I particularly bitter, we destroyed a galaxy of flight crews. After years of flying only leaders of the commander, the closure may, squadron commander. On the other flights — fuel was not. And on what our crews fly? Certain types of planes and helicopters out of date. On those planes that still might fly, engines and airframe resource is exhausted. First, that we need — to repair what is.

2nd: aircrew psychologically distressed. Four years Man is ready to fly, and it comes in a combat unit and only hears someone shoots. Who? The administrative board. From this small flying hours for pilots, as a consequence of increased accident rate.

Third: we need brand new aviation technology or at least refreshed repair and striking power of the U.S. dorabotkami.Osnovnaya — aircraft carrier groups and connections. Plans Yankees hardly changed. If they zahochut air strikes in places naval base, the aircraft carriers deployed three groups: about Kamchatka for Hokkaido and in the Korea Strait. Deck-based aircraft has a radius of three thousand miles, and we just reach.

Before that covered the Far East Air Defense by one hundred percent, now cover — "well pad." Fighters left the Kuril Islands, Chukotka is not covered. Through the Kuril Islands and Sakhalin can fly, and no one will stop you …

Alexander Konev, vice-admiral, chairman of the Union of submariners Pacific Fleet, Director of Naval Engineering Institute FENTU:

— Our neighbors in the Asia-Pacific region tend to have a fleet that meets their military and political interests. With all of this the U.S. has naval forces that dominate the world's oceans. Despite the radically changed situation in a new millennium, they renew its fleet, which we do not have 20 years. Some leading ships and submarines (corvette "Guarding" on the Baltic Sea, the submarine "Saint Petersburg") still need to enter in the combat fleet, that they correspond respectively to the level of combat readiness.

Government Response programs from shipbuilding faced with the difficulties that have become systemic to the whole country.

Live your own age small vehicles. Almost no sweepers, small antisubmarine ships, missile boats, and without them to protect and defend the coast hard. Together with the ships go into the past and ancient naval tradition.

Means the country has to build ships there. But lost shipbuilding base, the preservation of trained staff — a big problem of, well, does not meet the machine-building complex new technologies. Over the past 20 years, the world has stepped far forward.

Need a clear, precise programm — what the fleet needs of the Russian Federation? What are the financial and economic capacity of the country to do this? As will be realized shipbuilding programm? After all, you need to take into account our experience shows that even a single ship was delivered to the Navy at the appointed time. They've all been ripped off!

In the press and from the mouth of senior municipal managers sounded anxious expression: "Why do we need to fix an old ship fund, let us build new ships." This amateurish ideas.

We in the Bay is a beautiful shooter nuclear cruiser "Admiral Lazarev", that's just more than a quarter century, he does not shoot. The reactor core change, upgrade your weaponry, control systems — and we get a strong fighting unit. Long live the great ships with appropriate uhode.V the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation Defence Reform importantly — the financial and economic component of the process. For example, to prepare an officer in the military college is more expensive than in civilian clothes. Eventually embarked on the reduction of military schools — go to the training of officers in plain clothes. Cut teachers in military schools. Why educate future officers? They went out and brought their moral and ethical and spiritual niche …

We should not forget that we are a sea power. And our generation should not be shameful to our descendants. I'm not unrealistic to Vladivostok Pacific Fleet. Everywhere in the world people and the authorities are proud that their naval base in the town. This prestigious, it is jobs. You can, of course, to repair ships and Bolshennom Stone, and docks
in Vladivostok with sand, floating away. Excellent even realize that the headquarters of the Navy to transfer to another location — is inappropriate. Realized only as such relocation — is not cheap.

Than fleet may interfere with the town? Yes, nothing. Mast Quay, ships, military officers, a sailor's cap — all this only attracts tourists.

The best sailors of, elite officers have always sought to Vladivostok! First submarine commanders, who arrived in Vladivostok in 1905, Vladimir Troubetzkoy, Ivan Riznich — they were brave, courageous officers.

The commander must be a special person, confident in himself, proud. So it was and should be. Take Prince Trubeckogo. He was the first in the history of the Russian Federation submarine commander "Catfish", have met the enemy (Japanese destroyers) on the outskirts of Vladivostok in 1905. Arriving with the crew and the submarine by rail at the end of 1904, he had to have the crew in the town, taking shelter at their own expense. Provided the crew quarters were inapplicable to stay.

Who is the commander of the submarine "Nerpa" Dmitry Lavrentiev lured to account for abuse of possibilities. Instead purpose to detail all to understand, the investigation accused him of all his failures. And depending on how his fate, in principle, depends the fate of all the captains …

From the Editor

This month, May 21, will celebrate 280 years from the day or the creation of the Pacific Fleet, which traces its origins to the decree of Empress Anna Ivanovna on May 21, 1731. Editors' Novaya Gazeta in Vladivostok "congratulates all those who served in the Pacific Fleet, and continues her hard sluzhbu.K this date will be dated a lot of celebrations, will be heard the words of the heroic stories of the fleet and of pride for the St. Andrew's flag. It would be nice, so these are not drowned Doxology thoughtful and rigorous discussion of the current uneasy days of the Pacific Fleet and its even more vague term.


They say to us that the Yankees just only one Naval Academy in Annapolis. But to increase the skills of naval officers still have the Naval Institute in Newport and the Naval School in Monterey. With all of this reserve officers for the Navy ready in 65 American colleges and institutah.Ne enough people know that you can get to Annapolis for study only on the advice of a member of Congress or a senator, or president, for all that is reserved each year for 170 seats ordinary Navy and Marine Corps, 100 seats — for kids officers and 65 seats for the children of military killed in combat. Every year there is taken a half thousand students, and usually comes about a thousand.

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