Bird deaths in Oklahoma

"News 6" hundreds of dead birds lying around in the parking lot."I was crooked in the first place, I just love it, wow -" Amber said Ross.Ross was shopping with her 6-month-old daughter on the 91st and Elm location. The stench hit her the first time."It almost smelled like sewage, she said., I have a daughter to me, and I thought that maybe it was her first time, but he was not."Ross giggle quickly ended when she started looking around."I went to Walmart, and, from their front door right there, walking all the way to the car, there's just rows of dead birds, she said."It was about 60-70 around the base of each tree, plus those from the entrance to the store, and walk on the sidewalk, so that there were about 300 birds of all, she said.So the reason for all these birds to die? County and state experts say severe weather is to blame.One theory, lightning and thunder scared the birds out of the trees, causing them to fly or kick back in the woods or brick building.Another idea is because the birds were all wet from the rain, they died of hypothermia.Ross just wants them to leave."Some of their children or a few children, mother and father-packing the car, and the baby comes and says," Oh, look, a bird. "These birds could have anything about them, she said.Experts say that these birds do not pose a real threat of the disease.Walmart will not comment, but said they were working to clear it.News On 6 found money for the service on the scene, the bags until the last birds baked earth."I am grateful for the rain, do not get me wrong, but I could do without the dead birds in the parking lot, 'said Ross.State wildlife experts say bird-die-offs are common after severe weather.One exception was in Arkansas, where at least 3,000 blackbirds died on New Years Eve, when fireworks scared them out of their roosting spots.

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