Blocked the tracks in Slavyanka


15.07.11.V earlier this week in separate neighborhoods Slavyanki could observe unusual sight of the animal, the newspaper "Khasan News".

Small flocks of sparrows hopped on roadways, greedily pecking something there. Mining was so attractive that by nature timid bird snatched it almost under the wheels of cars, risking his own life.

It was found that urban birds attracted mass procession of black caterpillars with some, but they led to, crawling across the road. Black caterpillars, not pubescent, measuring about 30 mm.

Especially a lot of these pests can be seen on the outskirts of town or near neokoshennyh meadows, gardens. It was there, from the grass, and crawled to the road pests. In addition to birds, "creeping worms" were very interested in the kids.

As explained by a senior state inspector Slavic points Khasan Plant Quarantine Department for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance Elena Pinegina, it can be either webworm caterpillars or gypsy moth, or even what the pest. They are such a phenomenon is not observed, and none of the residents of the village on this issue did not apply to them. To determine exactly what kind of track, they need to see, to examine the insect. But in any case — it caterpillar pests.

According to her, now in the forests lording gypsy moth, skeletonizing oak leaves and other trees. And if this is the meadow moth caterpillar from a disaster can be expected not only trees, but also the garden and field crops. Invasion webworm on Maritime noted a few years ago. Then, too, it was a hot and humid summer.

Experts recommend to gardeners and cottagers, to stock all possible means of pest control to the fall harvest does not go without.

Source: RIA Deyta.RU

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