Blood Europeans fatal to vampires




A study conducted by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), it was found that the blood of European politicians are a lot of chemicals.
If vampires existed, they would not funny: on the human bloodstream flowing poisonous cocktail. This is the result of research ecologists from WWF. This organization has taken blood samples from nearly 50 European parliamentarians and examined it for the presence of 101 harmful substances. Laboratory technicians discovered there different chemical compounds with complex names like polihlorbifinilov or phthalates.

Hiltrud Breyer, a deputy from Germany, a spokeswoman for the Green Party yesterday called the result a "wake." Despite the fact that she, in her assurances, is a "healthy lifestyle", is in her blood identified 37 foreign chemicals. But the result is not so bad. Record — this 54 matter. A person can become a "hazardous waste storage facility," says Breyer. Like her colleagues Lissy Grenner and Bernd Lange, who also handed over the analysis of blood, it requires a speedy reform of European chemicals.

Analysis of the presence of the human body such a wide range of chemicals was carried out first. Although the study was not representative, but the chemist expert WWF, Dr. Nina Reinecke, comes from the fact that the composition of the blood of Deputies is not exclusive. She says: "The majority of Europeans are very similar results." However, all this has nothing to do with speculative chemical scandals, no to the accident in Seveso, no infestation of the Rhine enterprises Sandoz.

Among detected in the blood of Deputies substances — those that are part of the products that we use every day, such as television sets, track suits or plastic utensils. Their concentration in the blood is small, almost always in the field of nano-or picograms. Could such a concentration believed to cause disease? "We simply do not know" — said Reinecke.

About the majority of chemicals is still not known how they act on the human body. This is due to the fact that in Europe different requirements to them — depending on when they were developed. Until now, only materials produced after 1981 were tested for their effect on the environment. But this is a small part. Relative to 85% of their chemicals manufacturers can not communicate any data.

This problem is known to the European Commission. In late 2003, she presented a large-scale chemical reform bill. It suggests that over the next 11 years will be tested the safety of all chemicals whose production reaches one tonne or more per year. Concerns began to talk about the threat of "bureaucratic monster", and Federal Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder, along with British Prime Minister Tony Blair and French President Jacques Chirac — a "de-industrialization of Europe." And scheduled for the spring first reading in the European Parliament has been postponed to the autumn.

In the meantime, continues unhindered attack on a person's ability to procreate. Recently, scientists from the University of Erlangen confirmed that the population is severely affected plasticizers, more than previously estimated. They have proven to operate on the same principle as hormones girls they cause early puberty, male lead to a decrease in the number of spermatozoa in the seminal fluid.


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