Blood type and Rh factor

Blood (AB0) Rhesus-factor (Rh-factor) — Laboratory studies that allow us to determine the blood group system by AB0 and Rh-evaluate the man belongs.

What are the different blood groups?

The differences between people on blood groups — is the difference in composition of certain antigens and antibodies. Summary system Classification of blood — the system AB0 (read — a, b, nil). Kpovi group designated by the presence or absence of a certain type of "glue" factor (agglutinogen)

0 (I) — Group 1 blood

A (II) — 2nd group blood

In (III) — the third blood group

AB (IV) — Group 4 blood

What is the Rh factor?

Rh is an antigen (protein) that is erythrocytes. The presence of the Rh factor does not depend on group membership on the AB0 system does not change during the life does not depend on external factors. Approximately 80-85% of people have it and, accordingly, are Rh positive. Those who does not — Rh negative.

What are the indications for analysis on the blood group and Rh factor?

  1. determine the compatibility of blood for transfusion;
  2. hemolytic disease of the newborn (identifying blood incompatibility of mother and fetus on the system AB 0);
  3. preoperative preparation;
  4. pregnancy (training and supervision in the dynamics of pregnant women with Rh-negative).

How many days preparing for the analysis?

1 day

In what form is the result of the analysis is given on the blood group and Rh factor?

  • 0 (I) — the first group,
  • A (II) — the second group,
  • B (III) — the third group,
  • AB (IV) — the fourth group of the blood.

Rh + (positive) or Rh — (negative).

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