Bolivia: The Burning Earth in Cochabamba. Video


15.06.11. Unusual phenomenon occurred in the area of the municipality Villa Nueva Felicidad Rivero (Villa Rivero). Fire breaks out of the ground covering an area of about 50 square meters, casting fear the locals as this event is accompanied by other strange phenomena.

The fire occurred in a period of three weeks, according to the Bolivian press. On Saturday (June 11) to show the motion of the earth, causing alarm among the people who fled in terror, thinking that everything will collapse.

In the five years dried up the flow of water, and now at this point the crack depth meter, where you see a red-hot pieces of land continuously exude smoke. Periodically bursts into flame for 20 minutes.

According to local residents, first appeared burnt grass, then scorched area continued to expand. One of the residents feared that the fire is moving underground, which has already entered into its territory, where it grows alfalfa, 300 meters away, where there are new cracks.

Benedict Ugarte, another resident, said the old man threw his cigar into the crack which is why there was the spark that led to the fire.

All are united in the view that he had never seen anything like it. Meanwhile, experts from the San Calixto Observatory in La Paz, took samples for study.

Residents believe that the phenomenon is due to the earthquake, which was two years ago in the city of La Hoyada (20 minutes from Nueva Felicidad), due to which cracks 2 km long and Chiron from 30 cm to 10 m, and a certain depth.

At 200 meters south of the phenomenon, residents found a well of it there are small vesicles that are similar to the type in effervescence. The well was abandoned two years ago.

Another strange phenomenon — the presence of smoke in the mountains of Chile, Chile, on the way to the chapel, "Mamita Surumi", two kilometers to the south-east of the flaming land, although some argue that it is a cloud of smoke for fumigation before extracting honey bees.

Head of the Laboratory of Soil and Water Sciences, Faculty of Agricultural, Livestock and Forestry Sciences UMSS, Alfredo Caceres, was surprised, since the presence of the volcano should be preconditions, but they are not. Volcanoes in Bolivia are located at higher elevations. Also, do not detect the presence of allophane — material typical of volcanic areas.

Caceres suggests that the presence of a fire may be the result of an oil or gas, regularly coming from the ground through cracks caused by drought or storm drains, formed earlier, but the exact details will be known after the investigation.

The smell of scorched earth, both from the brick oven and the temperature is above 500 ° C.

The expert noted that in these soils, where there are slopes, there is ground water. The fire burns the earth turns it into a soft material, which led to the failure. Bubbles in the ground water can be a gas fermented organic matter.

Translation: Alex Crete
Source: Con Nuestro , All is not easy because


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