Border guards Rostov region was commissioned a new boat

Protect water expanses of the Rostov region from poachers will now be easier. On arming Coast Guard Border FSB entered a new patrol boat project 21850 "Chibis".

  • (C) RT-2456 Photos from the site
  • (C) RT-2456 Photos from the site


May 30 it was solemnly lowered to the water. The most important difference from fellow rookie ship's shop — a high speed that the "Chibis" is able to develop, so it is not enough inspectors in the chase for poachers.

Boat appeared before the assembled journalists effectively — by car. Then with the help of a crane lowered him to the water, where it is still almost an hour installing the antenna, tuned radio and navigation equipment. The new caretaker Taganrog Bay will pursue poachers up to the Gulf.

"There's a set screw instead of the usual water-jet engine. Cather is able to go to a very shallow depth, somewhere up to 1 meter, capable of entering into various channels," — said the responsible deliverer of ships and boats Rybinsk Shipyard "Vympel" Alexander Smirnov.

Since the beginning of 2013 Don border guards arrested 200 offenders, including poachers. They seized eight kilometers of network. Experts report that the "Chibis" able to notice suspicious small-size objects at a distance of 10 kilometers.

"His goal — the head of the press service of the Russian FSB border of the Rostov Region Vasily small, — the invaders who came in touch with the radio-technical post. By the end of 2013 we will get another of the boat."

The Rybinsk shipyard boat passed all the tests. There is, as expected, a new vessel smashed a bottle of champagne.

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