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This study proved the Russian neurophysiologists

Using sensors can determine whether people with unusual abilities.

July 10, "Komsomolskaya Pravda" collects Congress psychics — those who see through people like medical devices. About participation in this great event, we wrote April 17. , the oldtimers will not only demonstrate their abilities, diagnosing patients. But — most importantly — we want to explore and understand the phenomenon of people-the "x".

To do this, we invite you to a conference of experts — physicians, biologists, physicists. One of the scientists we are presenting today.

"Points of energy"

Through the lab Olga Ivanovna Koekina over the last ten years have gone by about fifty people with unusual abilities. Studies of the brain were performed using encephalograph which receives data from the sensors 16 attached to the head. And then the resulting information processed by a special computer program that checked the energy sources of the rhythms of the brain. They are typically located in the brainstem and thalamus (visual hillocks and the bulk of the diencephalon, the guiding impulses of all kinds of sensitivity — temperature, pain, etc. to the brain stem. — Ed.). The photographs of these "sources" are visible as white dots. The results were startling. In normal people, these "white flies" scattered throughout the brain, like stars in the black sky. And psychics enough that these "stars" are congregating in dense "cloud", so also line up in the form of a beam directed at the crown!

— This is a beam of energy, which have only people with phenomenal abilities, — says Olga Koekina. — When I was once again recorded this unusual phenomenon, my world as a scientist, brought up in the materialistic principles, turned 180 degrees. I showed these pictures in some private laboratories, and they told me that they first see proof that the phenomenon is real. Now, I do not rule out the existence and clairvoyance and telepathy.

Travel consciousness

Experiments in the center of the traditional methods of diagnosis and treatment of Olga Koekina put fantastic. One of the "experimental" healers was Viktor Glushenko. In laboratory cell area of two square meters, protected on all sides by a metal grid from electromagnetic interference, put in a special chair of the patients. On his head was fixed about twenty sensors. In the next room were Koekina and Glushenko. The chamber was only the cable to the EEG, and from there — to the computer, which stood on a table at the experimenters. Once the healer introduced his patients in some unusual state of consciousness, EEG deduced chaotic curves! Consequently, the brain of the experimental work in a different mode. And this was confirmed later when the subjects left the chamber.

— They traveled in space and time — sure Koekina. — When returning to normal, they all told the same thing: they have gradually disappeared sense of the body, starting with the toes. Then it rose up, feeling disappeared leg, hip, body, and when it came to a head, then at that moment appeared before his eyes bright purple or green phosphorescent spots. And they instantly fell through consciousness into another life. Some told us that traveled in the time of Ivan the Terrible, or the Battle of Stalingrad, others thought were transferred to the homes of their loved ones.

— Maybe historical films seen enough, but about the way of life of family members surely knew in advance?

— Of course, all this can be treated with skepticism. But the picture of the brain of these subjects randomly scattered energy points initially appears as a tunnel, which rests on the top of his head. That is, the brain is in this case shows the new unusual property with extrasensory influence. At this time, and there is consciousness journey through space and time.

How people see, "X-rays"

According Koekina, in the course of evolution in humans better than other channels of perception developed optic nerve. He is the most powerful of all the sensory nerves in the human body. A skin-muscular sensations are less developed. And so when psychics to "see" the patient "through" and try to heal, bringing his hands to his body, first felt something unusual. Someone is experiencing some resistance, but someone — heat or cold. It was only after some time the brain works as a "translator": skin sensations it translates into visual images, and visual — in the skin. This property of human consciousness is known in psychiatry and psychology as synesthesia (from the Greek. Synaisthesis — «co-sensation") — a term denoting intersensory relationship. Such as having only 10 percent of people on Earth.


Olga Koekina — neuroscientist and reflexologist. She graduated from the Yaroslavl State Medical Institute and graduate of the Institute of Biophysics of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Author of 105 scientific publications and 5 inventions. Candidate of Medical Sciences. Lead researcher of the Federal Scientific Clinical center of expertise traditional methods of diagnosis and treatment.

According to the expert

— Olga Ivanovna, you will attend this Congress as an expert. And even now psychics — the future delegates fear that you are made guinea pigs. Tell them to have something to fear?

— Afraid of nothing, if an unusual state of mind is in control. But this we must learn and train, as in sports.

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