Brand new aerobatic team on the Yak-130: compete with Britain and France

New aerobatic team on the Yak-130: compete with Britain and France

As told RIA "Novosti" Commander of the Air Force Colonel General Alexander Zelin, the newcomer aerobatic team Russian Air Force in light of training and combat aircraft Yak-130 will compete with the flight groups in England and France.

In 2011, the Russian Air Force purchased a batch of 55 trainer aircraft Yak-130. Earlier, the commander in chief than once announced plans to do on the basis of the latest aircraft group. The organization aerobatic team is permitted to extensively use smoke effects used overseas flight groups.

In an interview with RIA "Novosti" Zelin said that in real time the world's leading powers have aircraft aerobatic team, first on light aircraft, which is acting on the global aviaforumah. In Russia, a group that promotes the light planes, no. Because the creation of a third pilot group on the Yak-130, which is complemented with a world-famous "Knights" and "Swifts". In addition, the new girl group would have a decent konkurentnst French group "Patrouille de France" and English "Red Arrows".

According to the commander, the creation of this pilot group will strengthen the authority of the Russian Federation as a stately air power.

With all of this in chief said that in the near future in the media disk imaging materials appeared to develop aerobatic team at the Yak-130 — instead of the "Swifts" and "Knights". The Commander in Chief said, "Disbanding pride Russian Air Force is not planned."

"Patrouille de France" — aerobatic team in light of French planes "Alpha Jet", using smoke generators (reddish, white, blue). "Red Arrows" — aerobatic group the Royal British Air Force, known aerobatic.

Yak-130, developed by OKB. Yakovlev, is designed to teach and improve the abilities of pilots flying the MiG-29, Su-30 and F-16. This aircraft is equipped with 2 turbofan engines and can carry up to three tons of payload. The greatest distance of the flight (without additional tanks) — Two thousand kilometers. The highest speed — 1000 km / h At the current time on the Irkutsk aircraft plant harvested Yak-130 for Algeria. Also, the "Irkut" has a contract to supply six of these aircraft to Libya. In general, because of the political crisis of the contract until frozen.

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