Brand new form of military figure — the pros and cons

A new form of military "figure" - the "pros" and "cons"All those who in some way be connected with the army or armed municipal departments are aware of the latest form of a "figure." For more than 2 years it is praised, the discussions are flaws. All and sundry were given tips and advice, and the armed forces experienced and wore it on for yourself.

The emergence of "digital"

In 2007, the Defense Ministry signed an agreement on a new draft of the field form. The project resulted in a daily form, received the title of "figure".

The implementation of "digital" was a difficult, but still two models were born: the first — of Russian materials and therefore economically profitable, the other — more expensive of imported material. Lock and 2-prototypes not readily explained Russian factories to create the necessary materials and the corresponding property of a huge number. But a few years until the new girl form passed tests, Russian industry has mastered the ready suitable materials.

Tests "numbers" were held in the offices of the GRU. After testing in 2009 the military special forces made up their outlook on the form and almost all asked to change, remove or return.

One of the first comments — moving overhead from the shoulder to the sleeve, with epaulets on his shoulder clinging gun, knapsacks, rucksacks. Stars and marks that are located on the shoulder straps, pressed into the shoulders, I feel discomfort, apart from this, webbing haversack, clinging to the sharp corners of the stars and characters are deteriorating rapidly and tear. A wide collar is also accounted by request SWAT very unique waxed neck than head turns paralyzed. The proposed Liner was removed during the test — in a cool time and nepogoditsu not bring tangible utility, and only prevented more weight "figure". Soldiers of the GRU also insisted on additional inserts at the joints of hands and feet, and the newest form introduced in the holes for ventilation and temperature and humidity control.

On these tests, it was noticed the poor quality of some clothes and condition of joints and the quality of the fabric — the fabric was cold and did not keep the heat on the thread seams sprawling almost every day.

Known and the price of new sets of uniforms — the winter is a form of the ruble in 2443, the summer — 996 rubles. Buy "figure" will be in the retail trade, the value sets for all this will be a double. Supply of "digital" soldiers engaged four companies that won the auction organized by the War Department.

Positive information about the "figure"

Upon receipt of the form to the military units were surveyed, in what was the role of the order of 6,000 conscripts from nearly 50 military units located in different parts of Russia.

The results of the survey: 70% of all military personnel (officers, contractors and military personnel Flash Appeal) were satisfied with the quality of the material and its resistance to stretching, about the same number were satisfied by wearing form. A little more than half drew attention to the ease and little weight in comparison with an old form. About 60% did not experience any discomfort when wearing winter kit form in the winter criteria.
Almost all of the respondents, with the small exception, confirmed that the form does not cause discomfort during the working day or not, and prevents perform assigned tasks.

Some say that the discomfort experienced by the length of time in the air. A third of the respondents gave a low score insulation heat insulation in the winter, "figures", particularly in combat missions in the far north of special criteria.

A lot of criticism was heard in the middle of the military in the address length of a summer jacket, which, because of insufficient length, constantly pops out of his pants.
The main observation of officers — the return of the differences in the shape of characters.

Negative information on the "figure"

Not so long ago, were made public scandalous materials, which featured "figure" — about 140 fighter came to the hospital with a diagnosis of "pneumonia". In the course of an investigation by the military prosecutor's office, it was found that the soldiers, "conscripts" walking in damp and raw form, and thereby fallen ill.

The accident happened in a / h 20115, is now one of the soldiers died. According to this criminal case under investigation.
According to the investigation is well established that in the unit lacked heat and hot water, and that at the coming of cold weather and rainfall patterns. Household room and dryer did not work, and the men could not dry your clothes.

Investigators have also sent a note that form not entirely suitable for everyday wear — "figure" collects water and reluctantly released her.
Defense Ministry issued a special allowance for recruits all kinds of troops. The manual carefully painted, it is true to wear a uniform and use a form which set form and in what weather wear.

Form "Figure" is similar to at least some military, be it soldier call or an officer in the Russian army are and are serving about 400,000 servicemen and 150,000 conscript military officers.

Help for "figure"

Designers engaged in designing forms of "home Yudashkin", and many other spices, specifically from "Yudashkin" taken elements cut some clothes and fabrics, designers proposed were rejected by one hundred percent.

Price complete set of military uniforms (both sets, cap, shoes, hat, socks, etc.) is about 7000 rubles.
Producers of "digital":
— Factory "initiative";
— factory "Red weavers";
— CJSC "Uniforms — Center";
— Of "BTK groups."

Total for the latest "figure" will be allocated more than 25 billion rubles. In the three years to 2014, the Russian army will absolutely change into a "figure".
"Figure" — it is still not a fundamental project of Russian designers, not the whim of the military establishment, but all the same shape, which took the tests in different criteria, and it appeared from the experience and skills of members of the armed units that are behind combat experience.

A new form of military "figure" - the "pros" and "cons"A new form of military "figure" - the "pros" and "cons"A new form of military "figure" - the "pros" and "cons"A new form of military "figure" - the "pros" and "cons"A new form of military "figure" - the "pros" and "cons"A new form of military "figure" - the "pros" and "cons"A new form of military "figure" - the "pros" and "cons"A new form of military "figure" - the "pros" and "cons"A new form of military "figure" - the "pros" and "cons"A new form of military "figure" - the "pros" and "cons"A new form of military "figure" - the "pros" and "cons"A new form of military "figure" - the "pros" and "cons"

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