Brand new machine intelligence and control ISI-O

A few days back a list of famous Russian military equipment added another type. July 17 military-patriotic website "Courage," published the first information on the combat vehicle, referred to as "Module intelligence and control optical MRU-O", as several of her photos, inside and out. The creator of the project is to Penza NPP "Ruby." Information on the development, according to the creators of the initial publication of "courage" was derived from the patent industry standard for the number 82323, issued by the "Ruby" in July last year. Since then a year has passed, and all information concerning the complex was a somewhat disjointed and unsubstantiated rumors about the existence of a promising machine. Now the existence of a proven documented and made available to the general public got photos and a short description.

The new machine intelligence and control ISI-O

Existing photo shows tracked vehicle, painted in camouflage "pattern." As a base for ISI-O — this is indicated in the patent and can be seen on a number of relevant features — was elected as a multi-purpose military tractor MT forehead. To accommodate electrical equipment and its operators jobs initial assembly machine was changed. I had to move the engine and part of the units of the stern of the box in the middle. Release the rear section was given over to a motivated equipment and got the title of the operations department. It was located two blocks of equipment and workplaces calculation. Department of Management at the front of the machine configuration has endured — it has remained in the same place and, as before, has two seats for the driver and the vehicle commander.

Dimensions of equipment and standards of ergonomics jobs crew claimed a little used to expand the volume of the initial MT forehead. To organize the 1st of equipment units in the feed sheet machine was cut a hole in which an armored box set of the respective size. As you can see in the photo, the rear wall of the box has two flap, of course, for ease of maintenance. In addition, on the upper surface of the outer box has some detail with locking hinged lid. From this we can conclude bronekorobe placed in the auxiliary power unit and generator supplying all the equipment of the machine. Beliefs about the contents of "graft of" compartment would give high-quality photos of interiors Operations Branch. Existing one can see just what the inside of the box has three rear panel to which any connected cables. Outstanding quality photos is that unrealistic to consider the inscription on the plate. But inside the car, of course, could not find the volume to accommodate the APU and the generator. The only suitable place — The middle part of the body with the logistics — may not be appropriate due to the lack of any free spaces that are suitable for the auxiliary power unit.

The new machine intelligence and control ISI-O

If the version with the APU outside of the main body is correct, then all the electrical equipment located inside the Operations Branch, next to the crew. Two operators of electrical systems are placed on the shoulder shoulder on the left side of the machine. For planting in the car and leaving it, operators can use comparable or large aft door with 2 overhead hatches. Operator workstations are equipped with 3-color monitors, which displays all the necessary information. In addition, operators are seen on a table with two keyboards and a trackball, joystick manipulator. Apparently, the software complex MRU-O has a graphical interface that allows directly manage all the systems of the machine. It is noted that the average monitor and the panel beneath it — remote control opto-electronic system of radial angle.

The main element of the system of radial angle placed on the roof. In the middle part on the ISI-mounted on an armored container in which is placed in the stowed position review unit and lift system. Prior to operators electronics operate the hoist and opto-electronic block radial angle moves up on the telescopic arm. In one hundred percent unfolded boom lifts block to a height of 6 meters. In the presented image block radial survey captures only the back, or the back-side. Because of the lack of images of his frontal part can not yet be accurately read on the composition motivated equipment. Perhaps in the block are video and thermal imaging cameras, laser range finder, or something similar. Apart from the system unit radial angle on top of the car MRU-O has four antennas radio stations started to keep in touch with the units and the command, as the transfer of acquired data.

The new machine intelligence and control ISI-O

Information about the complete motivated equipment is now hidden. It is clear only that the disposal operators have equipment for communications and control systems of the machine, receiving, processing and collection of the resulting electro-optical disk imaging, electronics and encryption of the transmitted signal. The jobs of the driver and the vehicle commander, in turn, are equipped with navigation systems, communicating with operators and other machines / staff, and other equipment necessary for motion control machine. Both habitable volume of ISI-O have a ventilation system and air conditioning.

We claim that machine PRI-G can be equipped with standard means reducing visibility. Existing photo shows that they consist of camouflage nets, stacked to the roof and hang along the top of the boards. In addition, lowering the visibility in the infrared spectrum is apparently achieved by a special exhaust devices (to starboard), reducing the temperature of the engine ejects gases and rubber side skirts. Recent closed road wheels and tracks, on the details of these, warmed up when driving, do not give out infrared light armored vehicle.

The new machine intelligence and control ISI-O

There is no information about the project, testing machines, etc. not yet been made public. All public data — two 10-ka photo appearance and interior volume machines are also a few lines of text. With all this "text support" rather vague and in the main contains within itself only general definitions, without specifying details. After all, have not been announced or even the size and weight of the machine running PRI-O. Judging by the absence of severe configurations in the construction of housing, except for the addition of feed armored box, the length of the latest fighting vehicle does not exceed 7.5-8
meters and the width remains the same — 2850 mm. As for the height of the machine-ILD, then the original two meters of the initial MT LBu through armored casing to block the radial angle, appears to have added about 45-50 cm relative to the chassis properties, due to the lack of data about the engine and combat weight remains only guess. Most likely, the speed and maneuverability of the machine cross-O MPY are the same or substantially the same as the MT forehead.

The new machine intelligence and control ISI-O

In the ISI-O met:
— automatic jobs;
— chairs for operators of driver-mechanic and commander;
Control section:
— control panel and calculating means;
— navigation equipment the coordinator and kursokrenoukazatelya;
— special apparatus for measuring dose rates;
— several radio stations operating in the VHF spectrum;
— control units and power stations;
— Antenna filter units;
— two fans;
— A remote management and control;
Operational compartment:
— frames with tabletops (automatic venue operators);
— Switch apparatus for data transmission;
— monitor, keyboard, pointing device for each job;
— Two sets of panels and control units on the rack;
-multi-channel digital recorder;
— function display opto-electronics radial review;
— remote control electro-optical devices;
— rassredotachivaniya supply unit;
block radial canal treatment review;
— control units and imaging data channel sector angle;
— the processing unit and transmitting digital data of associated subscribers;
— Multi-channel transmission equipment disk imaging;
— unit and remote control Kondyukov;
— clock;
— first aid kit;
— control unit speaker;
— lighting apparatus;
— display and control unit radio operator;
— control unit hardware encryption of communication;
— boxes include domestic equipment;
— display and control unit for the control;
— Block DVD with USB;
— matching device small radio waves;
— documentation device;
— station mast lifting device;
— radio spectrum of small waves;
— internal hardware interface unit;
— Remote control batteries;
— time counter output;
— Charging the battery;
— raspredkorobka supply;
— filter assembly station;
— special equipment spectrum of small waves;
— functional terminal;
— receiving and transmitting equipment covered bonds;
— switching block cipher communications equipment;
— VHF radio spectrum;
— a power amplifier;
— Switch blackout;
— Remote power supply;
— elektroagregatnaya panel;
— rechargeable batteries;

The module body:
— four antennas of radio stations;
— muffler;
— kondyuk;
— masting;
— three cable entry;
— block optoelectronic radial stations on the mast;
— a set of tools to reduce the visibility made on the sides of the module.

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