Brand new military doctrine: who was going to make war Ukraine?

The new military doctrine: who was going to fight Ukraine?

Directly behind the Strategy of national security, Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych has signed a decree approved and the latest Military Doctrine power.
However, the same president of Ukraine, and also by the decree number 1119 of December 10, 2010 ordered the complete development of this important sphere of national defense documents for 18 months back. But as they say, better late than never. On the other hand, a similar delay in the timing of the development and adoption of the Military Doctrine allows you to think that top military and political control of the country had difficulties with knowledge of non-aligned status of Ukraine, which is the management of the very same and announced.

It seems that it may, Ukraine, issuing the latest military doctrine, tried to determine the military dangers that exist or may arise for her, and the confrontation with the mechanisms of these threats. And in these attempts have caused we look very notable trend.

Namely, in contrast to the national security strategy, which identified some of the challenges in the form of certain situations with adjacent powers, the Military Doctrine we litsezreem no mention of any country from which comes the military threat Ukraine. Of course, the creators of both documents seemed that as a "challenge" to refer to the act of some power or situation with her role completely bearable, but as a "military threat" — not politically correct and unacceptable.

To avoid offending anyone, the creators of the doctrine even in the preamble specifically stipulated: "The military doctrine is defensive character. Ukraine does not consider any one government (A coalition of countries) as its military opponent, but it will be possible to recognize the military enemy government (A coalition of countries), the acts or intentions which will be the introduction of the danger signs of military force against Ukraine. " But behind this vague wording everywhere in the doctrine stick "ears", giving clearly understand who is directly or otherwise, have in mind the creators of the document.

For example, as of the 1st of the "most problematic issues of pressing political-military relations" doctrine defines an "incomplete contract and legal design of state border of Ukraine, with the result that may be possible territorial claims to Ukraine and the emergence of disputes between states." It would not have indicated, about which countries it is.

But at the same time, said the National Security Strategy regarding this Fri quite right shows as "direct external calls to national security of Ukraine" — "unresolved issue of the delimitation of state border lines, and the waters of the Dark Sea of Azov and the Kerch Strait with Russia, the lack of demarcation of the state border of Ukraine Russian Federation, the Republic of Belarus and the Republic of Moldova. " So Makarov, is not clear which countries still have in mind the Military Doctrine as those who can put forward territorial claims because of "incomplete contract and legal design of state border of Ukraine."

Although we note this list is weird: In the near future we heard the obvious territorial claims just from power, is not on this list — from Romania, which like the state border has long been defined and demarcated. Moreover, Romania in recent years, even managed by internationality UN court in The Hague rejected a piece of the former Ukrainian countryside (referring to the shelf of the Black Sea around Snake Island). And this is not the last territorial claim Romanian side.

In the middle of "doctrinal omissions" we litsezreem other examples — in the list of specific military threats that led to the creators of the Military Doctrine of Ukraine.

For example, the document states: "Ukraine considers the intentions or actions of other countries, such acts which make the conditions for the emergence of a military conflict and the introduction of military force against it." With all this and called the act as "leaving without agreement with Ukraine Fri deployment units of the armed forces of other countries in accordance with international agreements are concluded on the ground Ukraine, also acts on the introduction of such units against a third State. "

Here options a little. Almost under the "armed forces of other countries in accordance with international agreements are concluded on the territory of Ukraine" are assumed to be of military foreign armies arriving every year in our country for a role in international exercises. First, because they have no place in Ukraine continued dislocation — they come from the power for a couple of weeks, and are located in the cities of military Armed Forces of Ukraine at the sites under close guard and the Ukrainian military and security services (ie, counter-intelligence agencies SBU). Well, it is in this case about the subdivisions of up to companies, armed with small arms max. Such units without coordination and control, reconnaissance, air support, interaction with other parts of the armed forces, real or combat support, by definition, can not perform any military tasks in the area of what there to talk about the "use of such units against a third state" with the locality Ukraine.

But on the whole territory of Ukraine has strategic formation of another power in the face of the Black Sea Fleet. In places where there are constant dislocation, and the ability to carry out harsh military operations, operating from the territory of Ukraine (which is, in fact, came out in August 2008, when the ships of the Black Sea Fleet from Sevastopol went to do battle tasks to the coast of Georgia). There is no hesitation that the creators of the Military Doctrine meant by their own "unaddressed" wording specifically Russian navy.

But something similar, we have already heard. That is, immediately after the Georgian-Russian conflict in August 2008, Viktor Yushchenko approved the procedure for approval of the competent authorities of Ukraine movements associated with the activities of military forces of Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation outside their areas of deployment on the ground Ukraine. Approved determined that at least some movement ton Russian Black Sea Fleet on the terrain of the country should be consistent with the "competent authorities" Ukrainian country. In addition, Yushchenko approved the procedure for crossing state borders of Ukraine military, naval vessels (support vessels) and aircraft of the Black Sea Fleet. At the crossing of the border of Ukraine ships and aircraft of the Black Sea Fleet pledged more than 72 hours, notify the General Staff of Ukraine's own intention, as the presence of persons on board, weapons, ammunition and explosives, military equipment and conveying equipment.

Then these steps Yushchenko have been identified as anti-Russian attacks and caused a heated debate both in Ukraine and in Russia. At the same time, As we see, the same tenets of almost driven into the Military Doctrine of Ukraine, Viktor Yanukovych approved, which many states and often the need of good neighborly and brotherly relations between Ukraine and Russia. How to realize it, is unclear.

There is also another point. Combat use of the fleet involves a number of cases of various speed and suddenness. If it was about the need to inform Ukraine on the use of forces BSF < b>against a third party, then the question would not appear — ships headed to a campaign, in parallel the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry put it in popularity, and the problem is removed. But the agreement with Ukraine operations of the fleet in a combat situation, such as the de-facto prescribes Military doctrine Ukraine — it is something else, as the resolution asks the obvious Ukrainian authorities on the implementation of the Black Sea Fleet.

Here the mechanism is unclear and time needed to obtain such permission. It may be so, as long as all the necessary decision will be Ukrainian authorities, the actions of the Black Sea Fleet and the meaning is not. Well, if our home is using the RF Black Sea Fleet ships, without waiting for permission of Kiev, it is not clear how Ukraine is going to act in this case.

Or another example. According to the doctrine, "Ukraine is considering a military-political dangers or challenges that increase the level of risk the introduction of military force against Ukraine, such intentions or actions of countries, coalitions of countries … build-up of troops and arms near the borders of Ukraine, the creation of new, expansion and upgrading of existing military bases and facilities. "

But only in the last decade, virtually all the neighbors of Ukraine carried out reforms of its own armed forces. In the context of accession to NATO and the expansion of military capabilities at the request of the Alliance, the harsh transformation take place in the armies of Romania, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia. Including with the "creation of new and modernization of existing military bases and facilities" in areas adjacent to the borders of Ukraine. According to the latest Ukrainian doctrine, these processes are a military threat to Ukraine (because the document does not specify that it applies only to those abilities — "bases and targets" — which can be clearly applied to military aggression against Ukraine).

So, all designated countries can safely write to potential adversaries of Kiev?

On the other hand, the current strategic, well, tactical offensive weapons — namely aviation and missile weapons — can strike at areas of the country, not focusing on its borders. Military doctrine Ukraine will simply ignore such dangers. In addition, the document makes no mention of the relation of Ukraine's unfolding in Europe — including under the noses of Kiev — the elements of European missile defense.

Further — more. According to the latest Military Doctrine of Ukraine has practically wrote in his military opponents at once the whole EU. Thus, the paper said that Ukraine considers itself the danger of war "economic or informational blockade of Ukraine", as well as "the use of political and economic sanctions against Ukraine." In the context of the unfolding events in the near future, when the European media and European politicians and bureaucrats, including the highest echelon, deliberately created a bad image of Ukraine and the European Union intensive discussions are likely political and economic sanctions against Kiev, this premise looks very provocative. It creates the impression that Ukrainian administration has decided to blackmail the current situation in Europe — say, if the EU will impose sanctions against Ukraine, then automatically fall into the category of potential military enemies of Kiev.

That read, heard all these declarations set out in the Military Doctrine, it is very ambitious. Only here the question arises: what they are backed up? After all, with the implementation of these basic supplies doctrinal provisions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine the situation is, as you know, there was a very, very deplorable. Without an effective, trained and equipped with modern weapons army can declare anything — it will still be no more than empty words.

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