Brand new mini-rocket from the German manufacturers

Own first flight test performed at a small rocket, which was developed by experts at group MBDA.

The new mini-rocket from the German manufacturer

This missile dubbed the German word Kleinflugkorper (KFK), which loosely translated sounds like a "small aircraft". The test itself took place on the territory of ammunition country the developer, in other words, Germany — Baumholder training center. Tests were performed twice, and both times successfully. In each of the runs rocket overcome that distance, which was to be overcome.

Noteworthy that the development of the latest mini-missiles by German municipal institutions. Create KFK is implemented within the special program, the end result of which is aimed at creating small rocket munitions.

German experts at say KFK taken into account in the development of the combat experience of the German troops against the activists of "Taliban" in Afghanistan.

A distinctive feature of the modern German rocket will be that it will be able to run a single fighter. The concept of using rockets is that it will allow to become a candidate for the harsh grenade launchers and PTC (anti-tank missile systems). Brand new mini-rocket has extremely high precision and is capable of hitting a variety of targets with the highest level of safety for himself arrow. The great advantage of using it is that launch can be carried out from various shelters.

For natural reasons, such rocket expand the list of abilities infantry units. KFK can do damage to enemy infantry, its armored vehicles, fortified positions. In addition, it should be noted that the shooting range is much higher firing range, such as a grenade launcher. This will allow to do launch, without fear of grenade attacks by enemy forces.

Such mini-rocket is a very promising tool because something similar has already used the Americans during the Iraq campaign. We are talking about FGM-148 Javelin, which The U.S. Army has used to destroy tanks. This anti-tank complex, filled thermal, helped to strike at the enemy tanks from a distance of 2 km. But the German development has the smallest size and weight, if the South American, and the means and prospects of using it more. In addition to preparing for the launch Kleinflugkorper requires even less time to prepare than the South American launch anti-tank weapon.

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