Brand new missile defense — the immortal planes

A recent story that happened with a top-secret American development — UAV, "invisible", which knocked over or Iran, or planted with the help of special computer programs from, the U.S. military has shown that such aircraft can be quite vulnerable. To reduce the losses of UAVs on the battlefield military decided to establish a special system for the avoidance of shells and bullets.

The new missile - the immortal planes

The order for its development given the U.S. company General Atomics — Aeronautical Systems (GA-ASI). One of the special units of the company already held a successful test of the new development. At its base is a special radar, capable of trapping radiation ground-based radar and radar, which are installed on the aircraft. Then he called an artificial distortion of the radiation. As a result, the enemy comes incorrect information about the main parameters of movement UAV, that hinders the effective impact on the drone.

The new missile - the immortal planes

The system was tested using a light aircraft — 6 Twin Otter. Flightglobal reports that in the future Due Regard radars will be installed on unmanned vehicles MQ-9 Reaper and MQ-1 Predator / Gray Eagle.

Experts believe that the introduction of this type will allow radar use UAV and in civilian airspace.

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