Brand new old silent sniper rifle SV-1367 VSSK Exhaust

8-10 May 2012 was the 9th international exhibition of weapons and equipment for special forces «SOFEX-2012". It was held in the Jordanian capital Amman on campus. Our homeland has presented her silent sniper rifle SV-1367.

A new "old" silent sniper rifle SV-1367 "VSSK Exhaust"

According to members of the Russian delegation similar rifles previously offered for export due to the fact that mnogokalibernye rifle hard enough to get permits international documents. These documents have been received in Russia late last year, and this year our home began to offer such rifles zabugornom customers for special units of different countries. The effectiveness of the rifle has provided evidence for the use of its special units in the Russian Federal Security Service and Interior Ministry. NE-1367 created the Tula KBP and is designed to defeat enemy personnel (terrorists) secured or protected armored lightly armored barriers (glass, door, car, wall). Weight CB-1367 — 7 pounds, length — 790 mm (with silencer), the store — 5 rounds. Caliber 12.7 mm. Rifle uses 4 types of cartridges that are designed for it.

The information on the rifle SV-1367, taken from the online web, but all the sources are pictured rifle VSSK "Exhaust". Based on this and the name of the rifle "CB-1367" was on the list of indices of the FSB in the rifle section CB (special weapons), where it is written — "CB-1367 is a set of sniper mission VSC exhaust." To her go, and four types of ammunition:
— SC-130PT (index CB-1367/1) — special sniper ammo caliber 12.7 mm inflated accuracy;
— SO 130PT2 (index CB-1367/2) — special sniper ammo caliber 12.7 mm inflated accuracy with a bronze bullet;
— SP-130 AMS (index NE-1367/ 3) — special sniper ammo caliber 12.7 mm with exaggerated features of penetrative;
— SP-130 PU (index CB-1367/1) — special Sniper kalibra12.7 mm ammunition academic performance.

A new "old" silent sniper rifle SV-1367 "VSSK Exhaust"

It is designed by Tula designers. In 2004 she entered the unit FSB entitled FAC. Start of creation — 1999. Trial operation of the units in the complex sniper FSB recognize successful. 12.7 mm IC "VSSK" refers to special weapons unmasking of small acts, in other words, very silent and flameless.

The structure of IC "VSSK" comes:
— special silent sniper rifle mnogokalibernaya purposes;
— removable silencer such as "PSB";
— spetsboepripasov caliber 12.7 mm;

The device IC "VSSK"
Sniper rifle made by modern complex scheme «bullpup». Shop is located behind the pistol grip. Brand difference — the final movement of the handle loading. The sight of the optical type or PNV set on the highest part of the trunk box. Have their own means of aiming.

A new "old" silent sniper rifle SV-1367 "VSSK Exhaust"

The main features:
— Weight unloaded rifle — 7 pounds;
— length with / without silencer — 1.12/0.62 m;
— width — 10.5 cm;
— height 18.6 cm;
— ammunition — 12.7H54mm;
— bullet velocity — 295 m / s;
— Targeting Range — 0.6 km;
— Nutrition — 5-capacitive store;

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