Brand new rocket for strategic bombers

In the course of the current state program re Russian army is created and delivered not only military equipment. Not forgotten weapons of various types. On Wednesday, it was clear that in the coming months, the Air Force will receive the latest long-range cruise missile.

The new missile for strategic bombers
X-55 — subsonic cruise rocket air-launched

According to "Interfax", the presence of similar plans, said Deputy Defense Minister Alexander Sukhorukov. Argues that in the near future have been two test launch, which had been found to be successful. The plans for August are two more test run, and after that a final decision on the adoption of the latest rocket adopted and signed by the appropriate paper. Unfortunately, Sukhorukov not even read the title of the latest missiles, not to mention its properties. All available data is limited to the wording of the official "strategic cruise rocket long-range. "

Yet, even of modest means so much data, you can make some conclusions, especially in light of previous data are announced. At the current time, Russian Air Force features 2 types of strategic air-launched cruise missiles. This is the X-55 and its profound modernization under the title X-555. Various modifications of the family of missiles X-55 have a range of 2-to 3 thousand kilometers. They are all equipped with inertial guidance systems with the adjustment of the line of motion on a relief flight the overflown terrain. The essence of this technique is to combine the standard inertial navigation and mapping reference elevation maps virtually "observed" landscape. This guidance provides a very good accuracy with and for all that does not require any extraneous equipment such as satellite navigation systems. Means of delivering missiles X-55 and X-555 to the launch are strategic bombers Tu-95MS and Tu-160.

Since the family of the Kh-55 has appeared in the early 80's, has long been in the country were working on new air-launched cruise missiles, which would become the successor X-55. First, experts at "Raduga" involved in the program-based cruise missiles, air, tried to make strategic hypersonic missile. But after some failures and the collapse of the Soviet Union, they had to go back to an old, but the concept of waste subsonic cruise missile. First, the 90 project started H-101/102. To achieve the range of 5500 km running the designers had to make the newest rocket enormous size in comparison with the X-55. This led to an increase in initial mass of 700-800 kg. According to reports, the weight of the warhead remained the same — 400-410 lbs. Similarly, the case with a range missiles X-101 and X-102. Design configuration, the use of a new engine and update the navigation system led to the insignificance of the greatest rate of increase. She headed for 950-970 km per hour. As for the new type of warhead missiles, in the version X-101 It is conventional charge and X embodiment 102 — Nuclear. Power nuclear warhead is estimated at 180-200 kilotons.

Start of test missiles H-101/102 was planned at the end of the 90's, but the situation in the country forced to adjust those plans. In the end, the development, testing and debugging the latest rocket was delayed for 10 years with excessive. In 2010, it was reported that rocket X-101 is being sent to the brain and has a very different perspective. At the same time, distant aircraft equipment such missiles will claim some innovation. First, it should be noted refinement befitting airborne equipment-carrying. In addition, in the case of aircraft Tu-95MS, there is another snag constructive nature. Gruzootsekah this bomber can not accommodate the new missiles due to their greater length. That's why existing photo of Tu-95MS missiles X-101 were suspended on pylons under the wings, two on each. So Makar, each Tu-95MS can immediately deliver to the point of starting to eight missiles. In the light of international agreements on strategic weapons such a possibility looks very, very curious. The fact that the current time Tu-95MS can only carry 6 missiles X-55/ 555 gruzootsekah inside. Pylons under the wings under the contracts are not used. Totally could be that enacting missiles X-101/ 102 will cause a diversified response zabugornyh politicians. What's all the same to the Tu-160, the data available indicate that they will be able to quietly take a full load of 12 missiles, the benefit of the size and capacity of drum gruzootsekah launchers allow you to do that.

The situation with the latest missile in the current time can not be called a clear and understandable, especially with respect to a particular model. The assumption H-101/102 done because of the highest degree of completion of the project. In addition, in the spring of Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov read about some recent strategic air-launched cruise missile, which has already gone to the army, and improve their military capabilities. Perhaps a certain amount of H-101/102 already sent to a distant aircraft for the development of new weapons or trial operation. All the same, full of official data on this yet.

Statements A. Sukhorukov about a new strategic weapon, not counting the rest, exciting, and the fact that he misspoke about another project, designed for a more distant future. According to him, by the end of this year will be launched first tests hypersonic missile program there. No other details regarding the hypersonic programs from Sukhorukov not announced. Maybe this project is the development or renewal of the X-90, which at one time made a lot of noise. You should not rule out the possibility that in a new project only used information gathered previously, and he created from scratch. But first some information regarding promising hypersonic missile will be no earlier than next winter.

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