Brand new submarine — to the days of the Navy

New submarine - the Day of the Navy

Yesterday the head Submarine "Yury Dolgoruky" project 955 "Borey" put to sea for the next step of running tests.
Deal with its adoption by armament Navy finally coming to an end. If all goes according to plan, the festive ceremony of commissioning the newest nuclear submarine fleet in the battle will take place on July 29. Date was chosen not by chance — it's a day of the Navy. The best gift to Prof. Severomorsk prazdnichkom hard to come up with.

But this event is yet to come, but for now have to successfully complete the test boat. What exactly will the crew into the sea, "Yury Dolgoruky" or admirals or not they say shipbuilders. Generally speaking, all that is connected with the performance of military contracts at Sevmash, which was built new missile — lurking behind lock and key. The only information about the campaign sounds as briefly as possible — on board the submarine to launch a rocket "Mace"Is planned. This new complex naval weapons at the moment, too brought up to standard. And as part of its launch perform other tests Submarine 955 Project — "Alexander Nevsky. "

Recall that the newcomer sea rocket has a very difficult fate. At the initial step of her tests were accompanied by severe side by side problems. Of the first 13 launches more than half completed ills. As a result, the general director of the Metropolitan Institute of Thermal Engineering — Developer "Bulava" — Yuri Solomonov was dismissed. However, it remained for the post of chief designer of strategic land-based missiles. A series of recent missile tests in 2010-2011 ended successfully, resulting in a complex battle finally recommended for adoption at the armament Russian Navy. Most likely, it will happen right around the flight "Mace" from the submarine "Alexander Nevsky. "Unless, of course, it will be held as usual.

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