Brand new threat — a new bunker?

A new threat - a new bunker?

Maybe Washington fears Iran's nuclear bomb, even more than willing to show. At least, according to U.S. media, right next to the white houses built antinuclear bin for the President, his family, and the administration. But, it's only a guess. According to official figures, workers conduct repairs of sewers. But the scale of the operations forces believe even in the most fantastic theory.

Presidential spokesman explained that Snow White House leaked pipes and terrain residence, the highest enclosed by a fence, started construction. But the pit carefully concealed from the outside. A couple of times a day pass for fencing concrete mixer. Suspiciously many workers.

"According to the white houses, repaired plumbing, but a look at a scope of work — a few floors down! — Says political scientist, journalist Ron Kessler. — On repair of sewer is not like! From sources in the hidden service is clear to me that building a new bunker against chemical and biological attack. "

Washington dungeon grow. River Tiber Creek in 1870, hidden in the spec. channel at the Capitol. This structure was first hidden underground passage while on the ground white houses president Eisenhower had not built shelter. It is clear, then the time was that — like video clips showed the school the young Yankees. At the moment, most likely, this little old bunker repairing or expanding — building deployed in front of the main entrance to the rounded cabinet.

According to such a scheme to build underground shelter and Vice President Joe Biden — first talk about the planned repair of pipes, which tightened, and later at a dinner with reporters second slip face of the country: the new bomb shelter at his residence completed.

Ron Kessler devotes his attention to another oddity: "Why specifically Obama, who received the Nobel Peace Prize, not, for example, Bush launched two wars, it took a new bomb shelter? Dangers in the address of Barack Obama at first sounded in the 400 (!) Times more often than ever of the Bush administration, but now it has leveled off. With all this sounded danger of racist and not political parties or terrorists. This was not a prerequisite for the construction of the bunker. "

How it will look refuge in the event of the U.S. head of attack with the introduction of nuclear weapons — can be seen in the bomb shelter that was created for senators and congressmen, which is located in Washington, DC at the hospital Grinbrayer. In the 25-tonne sealed gate which leads to the dungeon, there is a spacious conference room and 150 rooms. The decor is moderate. In the event of an evacuation senators would have to sleep in bunk beds, as well as ordinary soldiers.

For several decades, Snow-white home of the very spacious, but commercial vehicles housing turned into a real fortress. At first, put forged fence. First tank appeared in the 50s. In the 60's president started to fly in a helicopter. Now if the president and there on the street, but at one point during the inauguration, on Pennsylvania Avenue, in the several minutes. The last South American president, who was walking through Washington on foot and without a guard, was Harry Truman.

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