Bremen opened a new type of volcano




The honor of this discovery belongs to a German scientist, and the fruits of their discovery — all of humanity. Volcanoes of the newly discovered species are thrown out of their vents are not lava, and clean asphalt.

According to Gerhard Bormann of the Research Center of oceanic faults in Bremen, a new species of volcanoes was discovered on the water in the Gulf of Mexico.

The height of these mountains asfaltoizvergayuschih varies between 450-800 meters on the slopes of the volcano contain a large number of marine animals and bacteria.

Asphalt is created from crude oil, which is under the water is treated in a specific way specific microorganisms.

While under the water column and earlier sometimes found small amounts of asphalt, to date, no one would believe that his presence — is the result of the eruption of volcanoes special.

According to Bormann, as previously it was thought that the asphalt — it is the environment for the emergence of a completely hostile to her at least some forms of life. "Instead, we found the entire ecosystem, not just living on the pavement, but also feed on them," — said the researcher.

Scientists believe that these types of volcanoes can be found only in the particular conditions: above them is a 3,000-meter water column a certain degree of salinity in the soil and prisutstvet oil.

Actually, the discovery was made in the search for the deep reserves of methane. Instead, the world has known a new type of volcanoes, and the fact that approximately one square kilometer of the Gulf of Mexico seabed is covered with a continuous layer of asphalt.

Battery News, 17.05.2004 14:51
Source: MIGnews

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