Burns eyes

Burns eyes.  Photo from www.sciencephoto.com

Burn — one of the most feared and dangerous types of traumatic injuries of the eye. The consequences of these injuries can be very severe.



  • thermal burns caused by fire,
  • chemical burns, resulting from the effects of acid and alkaline drugs
  • burns from electric welding,
  • burn laser (at discos, etc.).

Most often burn eye occurs as a result of the ingress of a variety of chemical compounds. In the world there are many professions where people have to deal with aggressive fluids. Any violation of the safety instructions can result in an accident. On the production occur most frequently burn eyes hydrochloric or sulfuric acid.

In everyday life the most dangerous agents are vinegar essence and alkali entering the eye in the explosion of the battery. Frequent eye burns hot milk or hot water, that lead to clouding of the cornea. In the recent increase in the number of victims of liquids from gas cylinders, whose composition is usually included any acid.

The extent of the eye depends on the composition of the substance that caused the burn: It is known that alkali burns are more dangerous than acid burns. If the burn is an acid coagulation (clotting) proteins to form a crust and deep penetrate the tissue of the eye is not happening. When alkali burns, however, substance penetrates into the deeper layers of the eyeball.

In addition, the severity of the eye depends on the concentration of the substance — if the vinegar is usually only causes burning eyes, then concentrated vinegar essence instantly melts the cornea of the eye. As a result, vision is lost forever, as corneal opacity (cataract) 3 and 4 practically treated.

Manifestations and consequences of burns

As a rule of burns occur:

  • severe burning pain in the eye;
  • watery eyes;
  • photophobia;
  • reduced vision.

Complications of acid burns:

  • corneal opacity (cataract)
  • the formation of adhesions between the eyelids (simblefaron)
  • glaucoma.

When alkali burns can also occur in cataract. Any burns can lead to the reduction and loss of vision.

Diagnosis and treatment

Typically, the searing pain of the burn is accompanied by a desire to rub your eyes, put ice to the affected organ. Do this in any case impossible. Also to medical care in any case you can not use any eye ointments. This applies to any and all varieties of burns.

What to do in the first few minutes, when the eye has got a poisonous liquid? Is there a means to ease the pain without harming the eye? The recipe is very simple: it is necessary as soon as possible and thoroughly flush eyes with cold water. This is something that should notfive to ten minutes, and for thirty — forty minutes — this will get rid of a chemical agent, which hit the conjunctival cavity.

Then the eye should be washed with diluted brew tea room temperature. Tea, like black, green and rich in tannins and disinfectants, and it would certainly alleviate pain. Remove the sting will help cool compress tea forever. By the way, this is an effective tool and mechanical damage and inflammatory processes.

Any form of eye burns require immediate access to an ophthalmologist. Burn eye disease — something very serious because it can lead to irreversible blindness.

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