Buy medical console in Russia!

Professional equipment for medicine, which allows you to quickly and securely connect a source of medical gases to the required medical equipment is manufactured in the territory of the Russian Federation, and has established itself as a great "price-quality". Resuscitation consoles provide a substantial saving of oxygen and other medical gases by preventing leaks. We present our standard and most popular models of health consoles.
Wall resuscitation console
Saves the free space in the hospital wards. Are available in three basic versions: single row, double row and three-row.
In single-row model of electrical components and gas valves are located in the same row in isolated sections.
In the two-tier model of the upper body there are a number of elements of electricians: sockets, fuse boxes, signaling equipment: call, radio, telephone. In the bottom row — gas valve systems and pipelines.

According to the different location of the hospital wards design life support console can be mounted on poles or in intensive care with a rack mount floor-ceiling. It is also recommended placing consoles type column. 

  • console life support
  • console life support

Ceiling resuscitation console
These consoles are typically used in intensive care, operating and delivery rooms. Are attached to the concrete floor. In the presence of suspended ceiling rebar created farm, based on concrete.
Ceiling brackets are divided into one-and two shoulder. Power can be supplied that allows the arm to move in a vertical plane.

Ward console
equipped with an oxygen valve, two fluorescent lamps (lower and upper), electrical outlets, radio and telephone connectors and attachments for gas oborudovaniem.Podvodimye ward Console most often are: — Oxygen — Vacuum — Medical gas (compressed air).

The valve system
a type of model design of medical consoles. Valve systems or else they are called gas console is the best budget option and consoles to hospitals.
Valve systems are connected to the gas supply system of medical treatment facility. Gas leak console exclude oxygen, compressed air, carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide. For safety reasons, gas consoles are marked with different colors and have different configurations of locks, except the occasional mistakes nurses.

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