Buzz Earth heralds something terrible

October 26, 2011 13:28

Recently, people all over the planet earth trembled, hearing a strange and eerie noise. He walks as if from the depths of the planet itself. Somewhere it is like a creaking metal plates around the roar of a jet engine, and somewhere — at the sound of a freight train.

According to one theory, the growing buzz in the world can be an indirect sign of the imminent change of the magnetic poles. How real can prove this theory?

According to the academician, member of the International Academy of deep geological and tectonic problems, Professor Martin Stenvill, with possible scenarios change geomagnetic poles of the Earth strange noises could be possible. "No one knows what the actual trappings may be accompanied by such a global cataclysm" — says Stenvill — "as long as we study only the general model of pole shift and shift it happens almost instantly." Meanwhile, the expert explains, "instantly" — this from a theoretical point of view. That nature somehow react to being prepared in advance of event, is also quite likely.

The aliens warn

Unfortunately, scientists are not able to answer the question, where there is a hum. As a result, frightened citizens to explain where the source of sounds decided aliens. Alien beings who call themselves Zetas, through his emissary Nancy leader explained that it was because the coming pole shift.

In their version of Earth will be more and more present evidence of compression and tension of its surface — so that people will feel the buzz. The mechanism is compared with the mechanism of occurrence of thunder or rumble of the plane: the compression of the air masses, and the noise created by the masses erupt back to equalize air pressure. But it is the horizontal vibration and hum, boding cataclysm caused by vertical oscillations in large bodies of water. Thus, earthquakes generate discontinuities in the crust. Most often, these breaks are under water, as the water fills the low-lying areas. Sea water, looking to fill new voids influences across the top of the air masses. Air rushes into it from all sides, which creates buzz.

It is worth mentioning that Nancy Lieder — the author of the theory of the end of the world, which will lead to the emergence of a new sun in the sky — Planet X (aka Nibiru). Given that the existence of this heavenly body until proved both theoretically (in 1989, was able to measure some of the gravitational fluctuations close to the Sun), the opponents of the newcomers have many questions to Ms. Leader. Moreover, according to the same Zeta pole shift must occur after the fly past Earth Nibiru is the same, which is larger than the planet dozens of times.

Where to hear the roar?

The last source of strange sounds terrible appeared in Kiev. Residents Knyazhev Creek on video as heartbreaking hum all day strikes fear into the local population. Local officials could not determine the source. Some explanations have been put forward by various working options: underground construction, the sound of the air reservoir, the creaking of a nearby iron bridge.

Meanwhile, as reported Weekjournal our correspondent in Kiev Leo Yashchenko, no checks on this fact the leadership of the local council was conducted. "Surprisingly, even the residents, frightened by the strange noise refuse to write any formal letter to the executives of the belief that the mystical side of the issue will put them in a bad light," — the correspondent of "The Week."

Mysterious noise keeps in suspense Londoners. According to official (filed with the police) to eyewitnesses, the night they heard five repetitive thud, and as well as and citizens can not identify their source. For this noise was not an obstacle even the windows double glazing and earplugs. According to the memoirs of one of the local residents, this is similar to what a loud beats of the drum.

In Spain, March 24, 2011 audio anomaly similar to London. Sounds like a jet, but 20 times stronger, and in addition vibrant. Eyewitness rightly says that because of the noise of passing cars and wind anomaly can be difficult to see.

Same sound, at the same time heard and residents of America. "It is disturbing endless throbbing sound," — says Mark Krayegen from Hilton, NY — "It lasted about two hours, all of our neighbors heard it."

U.S. residents are mixed with a strange noise approaching tornado

In New Mexico, people have heard the buzz and compared it with the noise of the truck with the engine idling. Of the Citizens in the same night, and said the police chief of Lancaster County in South Korloline. A sound like a drum roll was heard yesterday in Seattle. "Wail of the Earth" and the people of Japan have heard that originally perceived it as a signal for the next earthquake.

Evidence of the strange anomalies abound. Ohio, there just before — August 11, was heard the roar that was palpable even passed through the body and the earth. In Michigan, February 7, 2011 anomaly lasted for 30-45 minutes. It sounded like a jet engine, but periodically pulsed.

It seems that the "script from the Earth" — a common phenomenon and is not learned. Skeptics just knocked all the "noise tuning" or "thunder." But scientists shrug, referring to the fact that the problem has not been studied and is not even marked. This, in turn, enables the next madmen to contribute to the writing of another book about the Apocalypse, and compare with the sound of the roar of Jericho pipe, announcing the early advent of Judgement Day.

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