By 2100, people will be able to exist only in Antarctica




At the end of this century, Antarctica will be the only place on the planet suitable for life in mammals, including humans. As reported by Independent, this statement was made by one of the main advisers of the British government, Professor David King (David King).

According to him, if global warming will progress at the same pace as now, the world will experience the hottest period of the last 60 million years.

Professor King believes that the content of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere — that it causes the so-called greenhouse effect — has reached 379 parts per million. That combination of a few tens of millions of years ago has turned much of the land in the desert.

"On Earth, there is not a single glacier. Antarctic region was the only place where there could be the ancestors of modern animals, the rest of the world was lifeless," — said the professor.

If carbon dioxide levels reach 1000 ppm, life on Earth would be impossible.

As the Independent, an alarming forecast as the venerable scholar was made after it became known that the British government intends to consider repealing certain provisions that regulate the amount of harmful emissions into the atmosphere.


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