By Kremenchug reservoir floats dead fish

At the Kremenchug reservoir near Cherkassy massively dying fish. Such cases, the local fish-security fixes every week in different parts of the Dnieper.

As reported, to find out why the plague of fish, veterinary and sanitary services Cherkasy selected samples of dead fish. The results promise to make public early next week. But preliminary findings already made.

"The fish contains traces of mechanical damage: remove eyeballs, no fins. Struck hard to say … maybe a bird. Bird that feeds on fish, waterfowl, well, obviously that is not a seagull", — said Vasily vet Zabolotny.

Fish protection are inclined to believe that this bird — a cormorant. He just jacks on the rivers in Central Ukraine. Zoologists confirm that cormorants can dive to a depth of five feet and beak to spear fish. But there is nothing wrong with this zoologist sees.

"Like any natural mechanism in the ecological system, it may even be beneficial because cormorants, knock when large schools of fish, thus contributing to the survival of a strong and healthy fish," — said the zoologist Eugene Wang.

But the staff of Fisheries determined. They say that if the analysis confirmed that the fish die of cormorants will ask permission of the environmental authorities to hunt these birds.

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