Call sign of the parallel worlds

January 24, 2012 14:24

Since conceived science, philosophers, psychologists, environmentalists and representatives of other disciplines to discuss the possibility of the existence of extraterrestrial intelligence.

There are different ideas. For example, some people speak of a single mind of the universe, the other — on the minds of not only protein, but also inorganic matter. But the most popular are the subject of other civilizations, aliens and UFOs.

Certainly have seen a flight of "dish" famous English writer Jonathan Swift. He not only described it (of course, with elements of fiction) in his "Gulliver's Travels", calling it a country Laputa, but also "sent" there by the time the main character of the work.

But the relatively recent description of the UFO phenomenon, contained in the report of the famous Russian philosopher, artist and writer Nicholas Roerich's Tibetan expedition, composed in 1927: "Solar cloudless morning — sparkling clear blue sky. Through our camp rushes huge dark kite, and we follow them. What is it? White balloon? Airplane? Of the tents brought three powerful binoculars. We are seeing voluminous spheroidal body, shining in the sun, clearly visible among the blue sky. It moves very quickly. Then we see how it changes direction more to the south-west and is behind a snow chain Humboldt. The camp following the unusual, and llamas whisper "Sign of Shambhala." Here's one more, in addition to "Laputa", the name of the UFO phenomenon.

Today, the "flying saucers" have accumulated a lot of names that they are difficult to enumerate. But to understand this phenomenon science can not. There are only hypotheses. Well, suppose that kosmity fly to the Earth, and even live among us. But who are they? Relics preserved from time immemorial? Our contemporaries? Made no suggestion that these are people who came to us for a time machine from the future. The most popular version is that they are creatures of the parallel worlds that mysteriously penetrate us. What is right? Many answers to this question-fiction writers. And certainly among them is, if the answer is not correct, or at least close to the truth. But then again, what? There needs scientific expertise. And science is silent because must rely on facts, not conjecture.

This category applies anomalies poltergeist, which spontaneously moving objects, and people are exposed to unknown forces. Sometimes it is even becoming a headache municipal authorities. For example, not long ago, in a district of Moscow residents have issued a warrant for a new apartment, because their old poltergeist tortured.

Scientific hypotheses about the poltergeist is also missing. Thus, the Academy of Medical Sciences of the Russian Federation Vladimir Treasurers suggests that when people see the suddenly emerging in the space of, say, a hand or being a full-length (lying, walking, standing in the water, dressed in overalls, and so luminous etc.), this is nothing but a manifestation of the movement of the unexplored fields, is also a form of life, but non-protein, as we have, and different. These other forms of life in a meeting with us create images of abnormal, strange, and sometimes frightening phenomena and events. And people have a similar impact everywhere and every day.

Academic thought is clear. But then what of abductions kosmitami earthlings? Incidentally, such a well-known UFO abduction Vladimir Azhazha considers normal and perhaps the widespread aliens. A U.S. scientist Thomas Bullard was even a kind of statistics. He studied 270 cases of kidnapping and concluded that 44 percent of them were committed in deserted places, 35 percent — while hiking, fishing, hunting, and in 21 percent of cases of people abducted right out of his own bedroom.

Often return stolen. Here's the story little village resident Protvino. One day about nine o'clock in the evening she came home. Suddenly appeared in front of her two tall figures, she thought — women. Stranger offered to fly on the spacecraft, which was located nearby. Intrigued dugout agreed. The machine is a dome height of about two meters, in which there was another being, apparently, a man. He sat for a bit of a control panel. The flight lasted less than half an hour, then a resident of trays was planted on the site of the start … and such evidence has accumulated thousands.

Ever since people started to think, they constantly ask themselves: who they are, why they are here and what to move? Neither history nor philosophy, nor any other science comprehensive answers to these questions are not allowed. So it is quite natural that the contacts with other civilizations of mankind will have not only on comfortable walking UFOs, and above all an extension of ideas about ourselves and the universe in general, and the multiplication of knowledge. This, in particular, due to the increased interest in the so-called contactees, that is, the people having the ability to mentally release the astral plane and receiving there, they claim, the information of extraterrestrial origin. Why is kontakterstvo remains the lot of the elite? On this account the specialists of the Moscow Center of UFOlogy and paranormal phenomena is believed that the case here in the features of the thought process of individuals. The process itself is not a science razgadan.Hotya well established that all living beings to think in images. In these images of aliens of a different nature than ours. But some humans are in some part coincide with alien — hence the mental contact.

But it is — the exchange of mental information. When a person comes into contact with the material cosmos, he may have to revise its outlook and set themselves new goals. And how not to review? From the beginning fiction writers of the genre scare people with all sorts of horror stories. And life is a no-no and the unexpected exceeds expectations. When the "Apollo-2" sat on the moon and Neil Armstrong set foot on its surface, the dynamics heard his excited voice: "Gosh, I wonder what that is? ! Right in front of us on the other side of the crater are spaceships. They are huge and are watching us. " Stories of the settlements on the Moon aliens published in connection with the flight of American ships "Apollo 12," which was accompanied by an unknown object, and "Apollo 13", whose fuel tank aliens just blew up. These reports were published with reference to such organizations as the information service of NASA.

All this official science traditionally tried to present as falsifying the sake of sensation. But, as always, not arguments. In any case, the same Vladimir Azhazha insists that UFOlogy — a new research field with its goals, objectives, and in the study. Indeed, science has the right to engage in any subject of study, including UFOs. Let us recall the persecution of the medieval alchemists. And in the XX century, science had to admit (albeit reluctantly) that their search for the philosopher's stone has given a powerful impetus to the development of chemistry. So with the UFO.

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