Can I swim in Ufa Kashkadane?



19.05.11.Vodolazy, clearing Kashkadan for the summer, found at the bottom of hundreds of dead fish. The same situation occurred last year. Why does this happen a second time, the management of the park can not yet explain.

— All the activities that we were advised by experts, we had: to access open water did not freeze in the winter air, the machine that enriches the lake of oxygen, is always working. In addition, six wells we receive clean water, — told the "KP" in the administration of the park "Kashkadan."

Despite the fish Zamora Park is preparing for the beach season. — Soon we had introduced new sun loungers and umbrellas — say in the administration of the park. — It is safe to say that in the lake to swim safely: and this confirms the station level — all the tests meet the standards. Back to us on the lake came the wild ducks and swans.

Environmentalists believe that the freeze in the lake could not be.

— However, to find out the true cause of death of fish to do toxicological analysis of small crustaceans, bacteria and bottom sludge, — the "KP" union chairman environmentalists Alexander Veselov. — Once the tests are normal, then you can swim there — no danger.

— Yes, there is a normal water and bathe in it can be — confirmed at the Center for Hygiene and Epidemiology in the Republic of Belarus. — Fully explore Kashkadan we finish by 26 May.

KP.RU — Ufa

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