Canadian Loch Ness monster captured on video

November 13, 2011 22:22

In the Canadian province of British Columbia living relative of the Loch Ness monster. At least, are sure of the locals who noticed the mysterious creature in Lake Okanagan.

Canadian Richard Hulse showed the world images in which, in his opinion, is depicted bathing the 12-meter Canadian cousin Nessie, reported IA "Rosbalt". An unexplained phenomenon is similar to a simple ripple on the water, but residents claim that the ripples can not be in a location of the lake and have the strange elongated. So all felt that this large contours and darker sea creature, or rather two, view, and does not move in the water.

 Meanwhile, some residents believe that the mysterious object — this is the famous mythical monster Ogopogo, the hero of the local folklore. According to Indian legend, the Ogopogo, lives in Lake Okanagan has brevnoobraznuyu body shape up to nine meters and a thickness of 40-60 cm, and his head like a horse or a goat.

The first record of the meeting with the Ogopogo is dated 1872 year. One of the last mention of this being related to 1989: Canada's Ken Chaplin then made a video lasting 3.5 minutes, where you can see the long body, writhing in the water. In total, about a meeting with this mythical monster said more than 200 people, said RBC.

Meanwhile, Canadian journalists were skeptical of the new "proof" of the existence Ogopogo. They suggested that the mysterious objects seen by Hulse, were actually fallen logs in the water.


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