Canaries on the nerves: coming disasters (Video)

Seismologists warn the Canary Islands in the near future is expected to a major earthquake and volcanic eruption on the smallest of the Canary Islands — the island of El Hierro.

According, July 19, in the Canary Islands has already registered more than 8,000 aftershocks and several small earthquakes that occur with increasing force.

According to scientists, this is evidence of a powerful movement of magma that tends to the surface of the Earth.

Due to the possible eruption evacuated about a hundred people. Release of rocks from the crater of the volcano El Herro can be dangerous for standing next to the houses.

Local authorities have stated the alarm: the entire population of about 10,000 to be ready to evacuate at any time.

26 September on the island were more than 50 aftershocks, whose strength is increased from 1 to 3 points.

The island of El Herro, or, as it is called, El Hierro, the "youngest" of the archipelago. It is a large volcano and 250 craters. The last eruption was 38 years ago and lasted for over a month. Then almost the entire island was covered by lava.

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Photo Daily Mail


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