Cancelled … Napoleonida of Donetsk Oblast and Crimea

The most fabulous Project of Napoleon in 1812 was the creation of the Duchy of Chernihiv and Poltava, also the country's "Napoleonida" in the Donetsk region.

Napoleon's Polish Guard Lancers. They accompanied the governor everywhere — the first to run across the Neman in 1812 and accompanied the governor during his flight from Russia

One of the more crafty scam hunted in the 20-30's in the field of Ukrainian mysterious past, there was some Ilko Borschak, who escaped Bandera revered as "vidatnogo іstorika." This particular rogue launched into circulation legends that Orly airport near Paris is named after Hetman Orlik that illiterate Ataman Sirko, never been abroad on the Crimea, allegedly took Dunkirk, led the regiment Cossacks, hired the French service, and that the lords of France took the oath on the Gospel, brought from Kiev Anna daughter of Yaroslav the Wise.

In actual fact, all of this was nonsense. Orly village was under such a title in the times of ancient Romans — for fifteen hundred years before the birth of Orlik, which is something no hetman was not. Instead Cirque at Dunkirk was found, as demonstrated by the documents, the French Colonel Baron de Grey. A Cyrillic gospel attributed to Borschakom Anna Yaroslavna was actually the work of Bulgarian and got to France three hundred years after the death of the Princess of Kiev!

But Borschak, who constantly grabbed by the arm in the identification of the next portion of heresy, was not discouraged and gave to the surface more and more historical fantasy, which is necessary to see, you can not deny the excitement. On his fishing rod across even Russian "academics" — not least bandyugany than Borschak, only much more boring.

Borschakovskogo tip of myth-making should be considered pseudo-work "Napoleon and Ukraine" — has the same relationship to reality as already published in our days of "monograph" 1st of the modern followers of the late Borschaka "Taras Shevchenko and navy." Indeed Taras some time he lived in St. Petersburg, on the Baltic Sea, and even made sketches of the Caspian and Aral seas during military service. But to turn it on this basis, "sailor" and "naval commander" is as wrong as to call the captain of a passenger cruise liner.

"The Ukrainian people, Tatars, and Kamchatka." So with Napoleon. Ukraine, of course, held in the ideas of the world famous Corsican certain place. Precise date is known, even when he first started thinking about it — 1805. Then, defeating the Russian army at Austerlitz, Napoleon said in one of his own memoranda that this majestic battle on the fields of Moravia agreed natives of France — "Normans, Gascons, Bretons and Burgundians" and "the people of Ukraine, Kamchatka, stately Tartary", referring to mean fighter ruler Alexander the Great.

This phrase indicates how the geographical breadth of vision majestic person, and its approximate nature. Putting "the peoples of Ukraine" on a par with the "peoples of Kamchatka", a European conqueror did not make a special difference between them, though none of the 1st Kamchadal, unlike Protz today's Ukrainians in the Russian Imperial Army did not serve.

In general, what Kamchadal that Ukrainian, Tatar with that Chukchi for Napoleon did not care. But Borschak based on a number of similar references in the Act of Ukraine of French ruler came to the conclusion that Napoleon going to "liberate" the Ukraine out of Russia's "yoke" and reincarnate it in independent government.

In our own days are dispelled this myth and Borschaka. At the same time it did in Lviv, where in 2007 the Ukrainian Catholic Institute published a book Vadim Adadurov "Napoleonіda" on Shodі Єvropi: uyavlennya, designing that dіyalnіst Urjadov Frantsії schodo pіvdenno-zahіdnih okraїn Rosіyskoї іmperії on cob XIX stolіttya. " This thick 560-page book contains a broad analysis of the real Napoleon's plans for Ukraine and publishing full texts of the French archives, which refers to our land.

So, what is Napoleonidu and what was going to create the French government?
Recently the invasion of Russia French General Staff and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs tried to realize with whom they will have to deal with the areas that needed to be captured. In most cases, the local inhabitants of the French in the archival documents called "natives" — the same term, which outlines the feral tribes of the Pacific Islands, or the Redskins in Canada.

It is unlikely that this made the honor of the French bureaucratic thinking. After all, soon these "natives", joining in 1814 in Paris, showed that nothing like the Iroquois and Huron. But such is the sorry state of the French was geography. Behind it with the times! So far behind that forever remain in the history of the phrase by Napoleon after the capture of Moscow: "In vain I read as our scientists of Russian frosts — the climate is, as we have in Fontainebleau." This was said in September 1812, and in November of the barrel, so that had to be warmed in selected women Orenburg downy shawls and skedaddle back home — to Gascony and Burgundy!

The truth is that no particular differences between the Russian and Ukrainian French while not beheld. But for some reason, they distinguished between Ukrainians and Ruthenians. In 1812, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of France was "Statistical description of Chernihiv and Poltava provinces" — areas where soon could get Napoleon's troops.

I quote from the document in the book "Napoleonіda" on Shodі Єvropi ":" mieszkancom є on Zaga malorosi, іmenovanі such a rite of protivagu Velikorosії, i ukraїntsі, vіdpovіdno to the encampment at the edge of їhnogo kordonі Rosіyskoї іmperії. Sami stink nazivayut Cherkasov for themselves and their Ti s scho vіdbuvayut for vimogoyu Urjadov vіyskovu service — Cossacks. In 1654 rotsі stink priynyali protectorate Rosії and bіlsha Chastina s their pereyshla s Pravoberezhzhya Dnipra on Lіvoberezhzhya … Kolishnі Cossacks were scho zamіskoyu mіlіtsієyu, splachuyut, yak i in іnshih gubernіyah, capitation podatok, Against the stench did not krіpakami gentry … I Tsikh gubernіyah meshkaє great kіlkіst velikorosіv. Є nіmtsі, Swedes th INSHI kolonіsti. Here znahodyatsya takozh Serbs, Moldavians, Poles, vіrmeni, єvreї, Greeks i bogemtsі, kіlkіst yakih nevіdoma. "

As we see, the French had already noted the multinational composition of the population of Ukraine. What's all the same for the "character and customs", as stated in the quoted document, Ruthenians and Ukrainians, the "i їhnіy fіzichny of moral character, if ydetsya about golovnі RISS, є LIKE VELIKOROSІV. That samy zrіst, she herself Budova tіla, she herself skhilnіst to veseloschіv to pisni to mіtsnih nastoyanok. "

"LOVE WINE AND VODKA". In other words, the French Foreign Ministry, had beheld the special differences between Russian and Ukrainians! For Napoleon and his entourage was, in general, one and the same. In particular, the ruler of the informants also leaned on the Ukrainian love the "natives" to hard liquor, "Pong to kraynoschіv polyublyayut beer that gorіlku." Some puzzlement among French diplomats called only language which read as natives of Ukraine. In the end, the French Paganel decided that "mova kozakіv є dіalektom polskoї."

This attractive people, not much different from what the Great, but to speak the dialect of the Polish language, could become, in the views of some
advisers Napoleon amazing material for the creation of new countries. By the time the French had already amassed from scattered principalities of the Italian kingdom and going to apply the lessons learned on the mysterious East. In the middle, surrounded by the designers of the future Napoleon especially active was some Polish general Michal Sokolnitsky. The private memo, filed the Emperor at the end of 1811, he suggested that the whole area of Ukraine to the Dnieper to the restored Poland, and on its eastern borders to make miniature belt bordering state controlled by the Poles as the most faithful allies of Napoleon.

Michal Sokolnitsky surrendered Suvorov, but claimed that all Russian — cowards, and their generals — fool

Note Sokol'nitsk called "Memorandum on the policy of the Russian Federation and the restoration of the Kingdom of Poland." It is this brave general was the real creator of the "Napoleonidy." This country was to take its place along with Smolensk, Poltava and Chernihiv duchies in a belt of anti-Russian, which was planned to steal after defeating Russia withered empire of the East Slavs. In Napoleonidu had to enter the land of the former Crimean Khanate and Kuban — in other words, that after the conquest of Catherine II became known as the New Russia, or Tauridia — today's Odessa, Nikolaev, Kherson and Donetsk regions of modern Ukraine. Plus, of course, Crimea.

Sokolnitsky believed that the term Tauris "tarnished" by Catherine II. Because he proposed for the new country more "clean" title — Napoleonida. For each line of the document sticking out ears Stealther Pole, who was trying to play on the vanity of the French ruler. Well, who do not want to name his naming of a whole country? So this was the only "French" project, a fictional Polish bandyuganov, which is another bandyugan — Ilko Borschak — issued in XX century for "Napoleon's plan to restore the Ukraine."

Why Sokolnitsky thought that the title of "Tauris" has been compromised by Catherine II? What is shocking is that the land was taken away from the Crimean Khan and the Turks had seized them at one time? Yes, but what took them to Russia, not the Poles, who planned once your Rzeczpospolita "from sea to mozha '- in other words, from the Baltic Sea to the Sea of the Dark. And because Catherine II, while the Poles were walking to the same share it, together with the Prussians and Austrians Poland, seething strife then, of course, offended by the views of the Polish general, all the acts of the Empress — a solid "dirt."

Poles in the service of Napoleon. Want to chop off Ukraine on the Dnieper

Russophobia Michal Sokol'nitsk aggravated besides the fact that he was beaten general. At the same time by the same Russian Ekaterina II. In his youth he managed to war against the forces of Suvorov was captured, under Paul I was released, he went to France and there forms the legions of Polish immigrants. At the Russian general had an old junk tooth nyvshy at any mention of the "northern barbarians" who can fight so great Polish "hero."

As though what bitomu general, Sokol'nitsk was hard to admit that your favorites better, stronger and smarter than he is. He thirsted for revenge — even French hands, and even claimed that the Russian officers — cowards. "Russian military officer always tries to hide behind someone else's back", — says Mikhail Sokolnitsky in their own memorandum on the basis of "combat experience", and in the middle of Russian generals, according to his assurances, "there is neither the 1st, who would confirm in fact their talents . " And even the Suvorov, if they believe the statements of broken pole, surviving in the French archives, only "had a reputation as a courageous warriors. In reality, he only pretended to be so in order to inspire the fighter to throw a fight. "

That is such a head (also not so young — General was the 52 th year) and plan to re-born in Eastern Europe. Practically, he wrote to Napoleon followed: "Reliably protect Poland from the Russian Federation could be through the chain of federal duchies, which would be exactly the same as in Poland, the Constitution and would be under her particular patronage, but the government which appointed to personally majestic Emperor … Just in case, if the proposal was approved, I would venture, only for form's sake, give a concise and available only while in my mind's eye overview of the forces and the boundaries of some of these duchies. "

CIRCUIT anti-Russian Duchy. Next Sokolnitsky lists invented his "state": the Duchy of Livonia, Polotsk, Smolensk, Mstislav, Chernihiv, Poltava. And, in the end, comes to the most fascinating: "Then came a different Cossack hordes — priemuschestvenno those known under the title of Zaporozhye, in other words, are located behind the rapids, and those who dwell in the valley of the Donets.

The latter, when combined with the Crimean Tatars, could form a single government, famous name which Tauris, now desecrated, it would be replaced by another — Napoleonida. This government would consist of: 1) the governorship of Zadneprovski Ekaterinoslavskogo 2) governorship Tavridskogo 3) Plain Donets River to the confluence of the rivers Don and who, on the confluence of the Dark Sea of Azov and the mouth of the Dnieper would serve him borders on the south. "

Cancelled ... Napoleonida of Donetsk Oblast and Crimea

As we see, neither of which independent, much less "catholic" Ukrainian language in these truly "Napoleonic" plans did not go — only tiny buffer states. On the territory of present-day Ukraine adviser Napoleon was going to cut them just three! And everything else — to Poland. And yet convinced that "the Cossacks … may be the first who picks up a revolt."

In fact, everything turned out exactly the opposite. Nineteen of the Cossack regiments formed on the territory of Ukraine by the Russian government, came to Paris! The very same general Sokolnitsky ended his life in a very comical circumstances. After the victory over Napoleon, the former Duchy of Warsaw was incorporated into the Russian Empire under the name of the Kingdom of Poland on the Rights of the very broad autonomy. In the Kingdom of Poland had its own constitution, parliament and even the army, considered part of the Russian Now! Its members include Alexander I allowed all Poles — veterans of the Napoleonic wars, it is not so long ago fought against Kutuzov and Ukrainian Cossacks!

It is foolish and nekompitentnoe decision of the imperial government! After all, in 1830 the Polish army revolt against the Russian Federation, and its oppression have once again forms the Little Russian Cossack regiments and appoint the head of Russian forces Poltava citizen Marshal Paskevich. But it was! From the stories you can not throw away anything.

Cancelled ... Napoleonida of Donetsk Oblast and Crimea

Polish smoothie willing to "give" the government Napoleon his name — "Napoleonidu"

To the army of the Kingdom of Poland entered and General Sokolnitsky. However, he served in it for long — in 1816 the parade kicked off his horse. The general fell out of the saddle, painfully hit the crowded thoughts head on a hard surface and drill ground … dead. And the birth of his imagination Napoleonida sunk like Atlantis. But unlike Atlantis, gone, if they believe Plato, under the water, Napoleonida disappeared into the abyss of bureaucratic papers left behind by Napoleonic France.

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