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24.11.11.Veterinary sounding the alarm — in recent days appealed to them more than 20 owners of dogs. The complaint is the same. The animals were poisoned by an unknown food scattered in the alleys. Locals say that in the last 3 months in the vicinity of St. Nicholas Garden extinct all ducks, killing 12 dogs, including the famous artist George lobrador Galtseva.

It became aware of the mass deaths of dogs on the Champ de Mars. Doctors pronounced him dead from an unknown chemical. Details of the material Helen Artyukh

Dog owners are raising the alarm, it seems mass poisoning are in vogue, the other day in a park near the St. Nicholas Cathedral passers seen scattered on the ground meal, packed with toxic substances. As a result, several dogs died. Now the parents are afraid that such action fighters for cleanliness, order and tranquility may spread to their children.

Child left unattended in the street, it may unconsciously pull the poison into the mouth from which kills more dogs up to 40 pounds. Witnesses claim that the list of victims is a 12-year-old girl, seriously poisoned. In this case, it is unclear who organized against this brutal action!

Vlad Sizykh, dog-owner:

"I stopped Now walk around here because of our fear for the dogs, they do as part of our family, and began to walk in the yard, and the yard little space, does not even walk. But what's better than a dog poisoned".

The second dangerous hotbed breeders recorded at the Champs de Mars. Highly toxic substance from an unknown three dogs have died, suffered 9. Vladimir says that got a dog and a half years ago, recently almost lost a loved animal.

Vladimir Vasilevsky,  host injured dog:

"Do not I know, it was a piece of food, a piece of cheese or some cake, can not say exactly, because he quickly chewed it.  We came home, he took himself strangely, it began to vomit and went into convulsions, CHacala I thought he was dying, because such seizures were well .. well, I grabbed him accordingly, and we went to veterinary medicine. "

Veterinarians say that animals come to them after a night out, and all have the same symptoms: vomiting, fever, malaise. However, while it turned out that the drug enclose a street food, you can not.

Hope Kireeva, veterinarian:

"With half of the 11th century to the first half came in succession from the Champs de Mars 3 dogs with signs poisoning, is 10-15 minutes, someone brought in a state vaganalnom who-a time to sit at home for a while, that will survive".

The people go to the stories of the so-called doghanterah or "hunters for dogs", which are purposefully engaged in the extermination of animals, supposedly to clean the city from the plague and fleas. Some argue that even seen people who enclose the poisoned food to dogs.

Secrets of making poisonous baits users post on niche sites on the Internet. Find similar recipes is not too difficult. However, it is possible that in the near future will include law enforcement agencies such as the list of blocked sites and those who posted on his page that information, it can be brought under "animal cruelty."

Meanwhile, grievances sobakonenavistnikov are obvious — many bad owners watching their pets — let them go for a walk without a leash and do not clean the animals feces.

Olesya Bumagina, parent:

'Unhappy that walk with the dogs crap on the road, .. and a fenced area and kids, here I saw kids walking past, and now every time less and less each time".

Dog owners are firm and have already collected more than 200 signatures on a petition to the Governor of St. Petersburg with a request to find the killers of animals. The victims are hoping that their problem will pay attention and help to solve it for as long as there will be the next victim.

Source: TV channel "TV 100"

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