Change threatens our planet's magnetic poles

The first alarm information published in the scientific journal «Geophysical Research Letters» Scientists from the University of Paris Diderot. Hulo Gauthier and his colleagues studied a long time anomalies in the magnetic field of our planet. Scientists argue that the so-called inversion, when the North and South magnetic poles exchange places, it could well happen. Find out the exact date of cataclysm could not: a computer model for more accurate conclusions are not enough data, they have to collect a minimum of 20 years.

Which would not seem fantastic idea about the change of the magnetic poles, yet most scientists considered this phenomenon a real phenomenon. The undeniable proof of the possibility of such a catastrophe in the future is the fact that the inversion happened before.

By studying ancient rocks and sediments of lava, scientists noticed that the state of the geomagnetic field has implications for these geological formations. Thus, setting the age of the rock, you can judge the direction and strength of the magnetic field at that time. Following this discovery, was created magnetic chronological scale.
Results stunned scientists over the past 600 million years of Earth's history were about a thousand of inversions! The last of these occurred around 780,000 years ago. Characteristically, strict regularity in the "leapfrog poles" track failed: the intervals between inversions are a million years to 50,000 years.

What is so dangerous change of magnetic poles? One might reply that there is nothing wrong with this phenomenon, not if it were not for one thing: the inversion is not instantaneous. During the pole shift comes a time when the Earth's magnetic field is zero. Consequence of the disappearance of the field in the loss of the magnetosphere — a sort of barrier, which protects the planet from harmful solar wind and cosmic rays. It is this fact is the most threatening to humans, because living organisms are not able to resist for a long time harmful effects of space, which once fell upon the planet in the case of the disappearance of the magnetosphere.There is a hypothesis that a similar cataclysm occurred on Mars. The magnetic field of the planet in the process of inversion of the poles turned off and no longer included, which is why Mars lost its atmosphere.
Disaster for the planet Earth can develop more rapidly and dramatically. The American Academy of Sciences in 2012, predicts a very strong solar flare. If this phenomenon coincides with a "pause period" in the magnetic field of the Earth, the fate of the world is obvious.

Professionals engaged in surveillance of Earth's magnetic field, noticed signs of impending disaster. The first clear sign of the gradual weakening of the geomagnetic field. The second fact — the gradual migration of the poles, which began in 1904. North magnetic pole moves from the area of Ellesmere Island in Canada to Russia, and more precisely in Siberia.

The rate gradually increases from 15 km per year at the beginning of the last century, the rate has reached so far 60 km per year, increased 4-fold. Another proof is given on the basis of satellite data: the number of irregularities in the magnetic field of the planet is increasing every year, and they are growing in size. And last but not least, the fact — is to increase the number of earthquakes, because in a very short period of time struck Haiti, Chile, Turkey, and Japan. Increased tectonic activity indicates destabilizing the planet's core, which will necessarily affect the magnetic field.


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