Chankilo (Shankillo) — Ancient Observatory?

Chankilo. Peru again, another wonderful old building. Located among the sand mysterious stone complex. Among other things, special attention riveting 13 ranked in the towers …

Chankilo — Satellite View

This unusual find is located in South America. Very strange that it is a desert, because it is not clear for what reason people lived here. The object is something like a fortress, it is on the hill. This is a complex of thirteen towers, all built into a single line. When viewed from the point of view of defense, then it is unlikely that the fort was used for military purposes. After all, here is easy to get, because you can enter the territory with multiple inputs. Also, there is no water. Incidentally it is worth noting that the towers are not at the top, and a few hundred meters away.

In 2007 she was offered a new version with regards to the origin of the building. According to the new to scientists, the complex served as a place for worship, perhaps there was a solar observatory. If we talk about the last withdrawal, the researchers came to him on the basis of knowledge about Stonehenge. Also, as evidenced by the fact that the line corresponds to the point of sunrise at the winter and summer standing. This information was very important to ancient peoples.

So needless thinking and the Italian scientist who founded his opinion on the computer model. The proposed program calculates the location of its luminaries, as well as the amount of light sent to them. The latter reflects directly on the photovoltaic panels. As the results of the technology, the sun rises on June 21 — is the first tower. And on the last part of the fortress, this procedure is carried out on December 21. First, historians and physicists do not pay attention to cast shadows. As it turned out, they appear without reason. The first part of the year indicate the tropics to the north, while the other in completely the opposite direction. Shadows begin to disappear when the star moves slowly toward the zenith. Perhaps in this way the ancient people living in Peru, found out about the time planting crops. Only scientists are constantly terzat one question: why the number of these towers hit thirteen? It is quite likely that people then knew about the number of months in a year. At the moment, researchers are searching for the answer to this question.

Watch Ancient Observatory in Chankilo



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