Charles James Hall. Contact with aliens

Charles James Hall In an interview, he claims that while serving in the military base Nellis, he came into contact with the alien race …

He was at the Nellis Air Force Base in Indian Springs artillery unit outside of Las Vegas, and then served in Vietnam. After the service, Charles married and received a master's degree in nuclear physics at the State University of San Diego.

Nellis Air Force Base and the associated "restricted area" covers more than 5,000 square kilometers in south-central Nevada desert. Nellis huge military reservation, home of America's "TOP-arms" of flight training, exotic and innovative projects. For civilian pilots of airspace over the base Nellis is banned, what makes this place, in fact, the "no-fly zone." For the rest of us, this land is not the people, a white spot on the map, a black hole from which no information can not come.

That is, no information is to come, but the former military air observer lifts the veil of secrecy. In an interview with the Australian television channel Mr Hall spoke about his contacts with aliens on a military base Nellis.

In particular, he said that dealt with the "Nordics". By the time of their contact, "Nordics" saying that they are now 600 or 800 years in our calculation. They are very high from 2.4 to 3 meters.


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