Cheaper analogues of expensive drugs


3.11.11.Lekarstva thing is ambiguous. Helpful or harmful or that medicine is always better to the average consumer does not solve. It is better to consult a doctor.

Doctors people mixed. For example, there are doctors who prescribe you medicines cost far for 500 rubles, indicating the specific pharmacy. Since then, that is from the sale of the drugs a doctor can get some interest. But does it always have to rush to buy expensive imported medicines, can I replace it with a cheaper counterpart, so that the treatment was successful, but that the damage was minimal purse? Complex question. Here's how to form high price of medicine:

Search for manufacturing and the chemical formula for a new drug scientists spent a lot of money, time, and money, the tests, including the animals. Then the drug company buys the patent and manufactures the drug for sale. Price of new drugs is high, as it is necessary to recoup the investment. After the patent term (20 years) expires, the drug can produce any pharmaceutical company. After that, the manufacturing company has been developing an improved version of the drug, on the market available products of the second and third generation. New drugs appearing on the market is expensive, a few years down the price of it, for example, a few years ago the price of the antibiotic tsiprolet was 300 rubles, now it costs about 100 rubles.

Analogues differ in the degree of treatment and side effects. U of second-generation and purification tetego much higher. Treatment effect is the same, but the side effects from this medication less. For example, all long-known drugs for allergies suprastin tavegil cause drowsiness, reduce performance, but they are cheap, many doctors continue to prescribe them. Better medicines for allergies and Aerius Telfast are already more than 400 per 10 tablets, but do not have these side effects.

For more original drug treatment components. Such as cold medicine Theraflu include addition and antipyretic agent and protivoallegricheskoe and vitamin C, while the cheapest paracetamol, just down the temperature.

Expensive drugs makes it more convenient to use. Their duration longer, their primimayut less, and dzheneretiki (Dzheneretik — An analogue of the original drug, its price is cheaper than the original) must be taken several times a day. They lie in gelatin capsules, not to irritate the stomach. One example cure herpes — acyclovir nedogoroy — acrylic should be taken 5 times a day, 4 hours, which is not very convenient if you are at work. But you can save a lot, because the taking of a herpes infection valtrex burn out (2 times a day), is worth more than a few times.

Pros and cons of low-cost medicines.

  • In dzheneretikov usually much lower price.
  • Cheap drugs almost fake, considering it as unprofitable.
  • Treatment effect is the same, because they contain identical ingredients.
  • The disadvantages include the fact that low-cost counterparts, tend to produce low-cost maintenance support components, with outdated equipment.

I leave you to decide in one's favor, move on to the list:

Expensive drugs Cheaper counterpart Form release
Antipyretic, analgesic, antispasmodic
Fervex, koldakt lorpis paracetamol
ketorol Ibuprofen
No-Spa drotaverine, papaverine 20 Table 40 mg
spazmol 20 Table 40 mg
Heart, lowers blood pressure
Justice SL Nifedipine Tables 30 and 20 mg
Amlotop Amlodipine Tables 30 and 10 mg
arifon indapamide Table 30. 1.5 mg
arifon Indap
Betaloc ZOK metoprolol Table 30 to 100 mg
vazokardin metoprolol 50 Table 50 mg
valokordin korvaldin
verogalid EP verapamil Table 30 to 240 mg
indapamide Ionic 30 Table 2.5 mg
kordipin kordafleks
Panangin Asparcam
normodipin Amlodipine 30 Table 5 mg
Enap enalapril Tables 20 and 10 mg
EsKordi Cor Amlodipine 30 Table 5 mg
endite enalapril
antibiotics, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, anti-infective
Azivok Azithromycin 6 capsules of 250 mg
Acyclovir-Acre acyclovir 20 Table 200 mg
5-NOK nitroksolin 50 Table 50 mg
Zitrolid Azithromycin 6 capsules of 250 mg
Zovirax acyclovir
ribamidil Ribavirin 30 Table 200 mg
rulid roksigestal 10 Table 150 mg
summamed Azithromycin 3 tablets of 500 mg
tiberal metronidazole 10 Table 500 mg
trihopol metronidazole Table 20 to 250 mg
flemoksin Solutab Amoxicillin Table
fljukostat, crand Diflucan
Imodium loperamide 20 capsules of 2 mg
Gastrozol Omeprazole 14 capsules, 20 mg
Omez Omeprazole
Ultop Omeprazole 14 capsules of 10 mg
Allertek Cetirizine Tables 20 and 10 mg
Zantac Ranitidine 20 Table 150 mg
Ventolin Salbutamol Aerosol for inhalation 200 doses.
Eco Salamol Salbutamol Aerosol for inhalation 200 doses.
Ambrosan Ambroxol Tables 20 and 30 mg
Mucosolvan Ambroxol Table.
Haliksol Ambroxol Syrup 100 ml
Haliksol Ambroxol Tables 20 and 30 mg
Knott new-Pass tablets, syrup
for the brain
Cavinton Vinpocetine 50 Table 5 mg
Nootropil Piracetam
fenotropil Piracetam
Gels, ointments for external use
Bystrum gel Ketoprofen-Vramed gel for external tube 50 gr approx 2.5%
Viroleks Acyclovir eye ointment tube 4.5 mg 3%
Diklak Diclofenac gel for external tube 50 gr approx 5%
Fastum ketoproprofen-Vramed gel for external tube 50 gr approx 2.5%
fungoterbin terbinafine cream cum tube 15 gr approx 1%
Solutions for injection, oral and other r-ry
Actrapid HM Humulin NPH injection of 100 IU vial 10 ml
Vinblastine-Teva Vinblastine-Lance Valium for Valium for in / vennogo use
Potassium and magnesium aspartate Asparcam injection 5 vials of 10 ml
Sermion nicergoline Valium for Valium injection 4 vials and 4 mg
ophtalmological i dexamethasone dexamethasone eye drops 5 ml of 0.1%
timolol okumed eye drops 5 ml of 0.25%
Vermoks (worming) Mebendazole 6 tablets of 100 mg
Gipotiazid (diuretics) Gidrohlorodiazid 20 tablets of 25 mg
yodomarin potassium iodide Table 50, 100 or 200 mg
leponeks (sedative) azaleptin Table 50 to 25 mg
troksevazin (kapillyaroukreplyayuschee) troxerutin 50 kapsull 300 mg
finlepsin (protivoelipticheskie) Carbamazepine 50 Table 200 mg


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