Chebarkul — portal to parallel worlds?

February 18, 2013 21:14

Chebarkul - portal to parallel worlds? In the Lake Chebarkul found fragments of a meteorite that fell near Chelyabinsk February 15. Studies have confirmed their extraterrestrial origin. Curiously, on the waterfront and still find fragments of the meteorite exploded here in the last century. And they say that close to the lake, there are places where the entrance to the parallel worlds …

According to eyewitnesses, in the last century in this region is large meteorite fell. One of the largest fragments fell into the lake Chebarkul. But to find it as yet. But on the shore was found about 20 stone — black, smooth, rounded, polished though …

In fact, the near Chelyabinsk are ancient settlement Arkaim and Sintashta. In the legends referred to as the spiritual centers of ancient Siberia and the Urals. They say they have the unusual, sacred energy …

Near the mountains and lakes of the purported "transition point" in other dimensions. Once at that point, you can get to a parallel world, the past or the future, experts say the anomalous zones … Especially a lot of places in the Chelyabinsk region.

For example, in Ilmen Reserve near Miass spring there are so-called "bottomless hole" — gaps where meltwater flows. Their diameter is about 15 inches, but the depth is so great that it is impossible to determine. Ufology is associated with a funnel of a UFO. Or maybe they do not have the bottom, because they are wormholes?

The national park Taganay, sprawling mountain ranges near Chelyabinsk, there is a complete bunch of anomalies — overflight and landing UFO contacts with extraterrestrial intelligence, hronomirazhi, ghosts, changing the course of time … People there often feel an inexplicable fear and anxiety. The story and the meetings with the snow man.

In the vicinity of the mountain lake located Satka Zyuratkul somewhere and then there are "flying saucers." There are often people disappear, and there are so called "fornication" the place where you can wander for several hours, or even days.

In the north of the area, the lake Itkul, which is considered "unclean." In a few dozen meters from the shore of the water sticks lonely rock — Shaitan-stone. At this point, often drowning swimmers. And those who remain alive, they say that while bathing their bodies twined as if an invisible cord …

Mohovichki above the village (a suburb of Chelyabinsk) appear regularly UFO, shaped like a gear. In the woods near Nyazepetrovsk fall of 2003 found a strange depression in the ground with a diameter of 50-70 meters. There were piles of stones, and trees on both sides of the crater were felled. Local UFO researchers of the "Stalker" was not able to establish the origin of the funnel. In Serowe residents watched "battle UFO" — a set of "flying saucers" circling in the air and colliding with each other.

And here is a new anomaly — the fall of one of the largest meteorites ever recorded, and again in the vicinity of Chelyabinsk, near all of the same mysterious lake Chebarkul!

As reported by experts, about seven fragments of the cosmic body scattered in different directions, and one of them fell into the lake, forming a sage about eight meters in diameter. Polynya employees around the Ural Federal University was able to collect small pieces of solid black substance in diameter

0.5-1 cm. The material was sent to the laboratory for examination of university research and education center "Nanotech".

"We literally just finished a study, we confirm that the particles of the substance found in our expedition (UFU) in the Lake Chebarkul do have a meteorite nature — the member of Russian Academy of Sciences Committee on Meteorites Victor Grokhovsky. — This is a stony meteorite, an ordinary chondrite, we diagnose all common minerals that are there — and the metallic iron, and olivine, and sulfite. He was taken too late, 53 particles are brought in, they are small, but they have the nature of the meteorite, and the bark is melting. "

The expert said that the metal content of the particles found in the ruins of more than eight percent. To register a new meteor in the international directory will be made more detailed chemical analysis. It is already known that the guest will receive a catalog from space called "Chebarkul meteorite."

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