Chelyabinets taught raccoon wash socks. Video


16.11.11.Chelyabinets Sergei Panasenko solved the problem with the laundry. The purity of his clothing is handmade raccoon. Pet has become a local celebrity.For washing socks 8-month-poloskun raccoon named El spends at least an hour.

Passion for "washing," explains the owner, the pitomitsy — purely natural instinct. So cooking or ironing fluffy "servant" can not teach. "The Girl with the character: if he wants to — not force — said Sergey Panasenko, boss raccoon. — So it is necessary to agree, to find a common language. Punishment is unacceptable if punish — avenge. "

Sergei Panasenko sought raccoon three years. Brought from Moscow nursery. Believes he was lucky: the food is not fastidious, neat, curious and affectionate, loves to learn, flirting with passersby and animals, which are found on the streets of Chelyabinsk, in the parks, camp sites and even rock festivals. Thanks to the owner enotiha was also a rocker, and the most famous guest of the festival "Ural abroad."

Source: STRC "South Ural"

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